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  • Hi all,

    Been a long term Ubuntu OS user on laptops, finally bit the bullet the other day and purchased a £20 Nexus 4 locally, flashed UB Ports onto it using the Ubuntu installer (this took 3 attempts) but got it up and running now.

    At the moment I'm just playing around with it, my UK sim card is staying in my daily phone (Pixel 4 XL) but I wanted to see how much of my day to day activities I could carry out on UB Ports. I've installed the usual things, Gmail, Google Play Music, Facebook, Instagram etc but find most of them don't actually load.

    Facebook for example asked me to login then said this app isn't authorised by Facebook to login, Google Play Music just says its loading but never does.

    Anybody got any successfully working apps?

  • @andrewjb88
    You seem pretty attached to the big G and the big F.
    For facebook you'll find Sailbook or Pesbuk on the Open-Store.

    As for Google, I have no account, I only use youtube when people post videos on this platform so I cannot help.
    Instagram I didn't use it neither.

  • @andrewjb88 You will find most people here are trying to get away from or reduce their usage of google related stuff so that and permissions from Google mean straight like for like are not available.
    For me I use Dekko2 for email(works with google accounts) and Sailbook for Facebook (other apps are available, before someone reminds me 😉 ). Instagram I don't use and just use the Music app on Ubuntu Touch.
    If you check out the OpenStore you can find something to more than cover most of your needs. When using or interacting with Google from Ubuntu Touch you will need to turn on "allow insecure apps" in your Google account security settings.

  • Most apps you'll find are webapps, which is to say that they run a confined browser instance for only a specific page. The ones you've listed above sound like these types of apps.

    It would help to note which channel (stable/rc/devel) you've flashed on your phone, though I think webapps should generally be working everywhere still.

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