how do i install ubuntu touch on Huawei LUA-U22

  • hey everyone i like to install ubuntu touch on older phone ...Huawei LUA-U22 is an older model phone its should easy to install

  • Installing Ubuntu Touch will most definitely not be easy. It is an unsupported device so the OS will first need to be ported.

    How easy, or not, it is to port Ubuntu Touch to a phone depends on more than just how old a model it is.

    Is the bootloader unlockable? Are the kernel sources accessible? Are the manufacturers driver blobs accessible to download? And other such considerations.

  • @hanson2000 Start by reading this The quote below will give you an idea of what is involved and is very well put.

    @Flohack said in Modern Devices:

    @stan Sorry to say but its not that easy.

    If there would be just a few steps that would work for every device we would have much more supported devices already. Instead, what porting means also is you need to research which changes from Android sources are necessary to make things work. You need C/C++ coding knowledge, scripting knowledge, understand how a Linux kernel works basically, how it needs to be configured. You need a fairly good command of the Android toolchain and Git especially, understand how patches work, how to manually try to apply patches when they dont succeed automatically.

    Finally, you need to understand how a Linux-based OS like Ubuntu Touch is booting, how init system works and the startup scripts, understand how to analyze logfiles in Ubuntu Touch as well as in the underlying Android container that is being started. you need to get details from your device and vendor that might not be documented very well, so expect some hours in front of Google trying to find solutions for things that wont work.

    As a summary, you must be a digital native with Linux and better have some years of experience with development of basic stuff (mostly in C) before its recommended to get hands on for porting.
    Its not an offense, but we see a lot of people that dont fit this profile. They struggle a lot with not understanding whats happening, and then they copy/paste us all error messages into Telegram inhoping we can fix it for them. But, alas, thats not how it can work. The experienced porters, people who do this for a long time, spend hours and hours themselves with hard-to-crack nuts. Giving basic programming/debugging introes for people via Telegram is simply impossible for them.

    Also, we try to document knowledge when it becomes secured, but every vendor, every device might need different tricks to make it work. Simply writing commands into a shell window will almost 100% not work. You need to develop your port yourself, get acquainted to your device and understand its needs by listening closely, so to say.

    If I invest my free time into porting I dont want to spend all night in front of Telegram looking into other peoples logfiles and screenshots and trying to guess whats the problem.
    So, this is just my point of view. This is not "porting" like porting an Android ROM which is 100x easier. You will enter unchartered world by trying to port Ubuntu Touch, and it can be the frustration of your life. Choose wisely.

  • @Lakotaubp hey do you know how to porting huawei LUA-U22 do you have a toturial or step?

  • @hanson2000 Sorry there is no such thing. Please read my post above.

  • @hanson2000 Buddy Me too have same phone . can I tell me how can I install it in huawei lua-u22 1 GB ram phone. Plz .

  • @Anurag3624nu
    There is no port for this device.
    See previous posts.

    Sorry, the only solution is to port it yourself following halium first steps

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