Galery video + Teleports video attachments

  • Hi guys!
    Does anybody knows what might be that I managed to send a video via Teleports to a friend that is using Telegram on Android and he is able to see it, but it won't play in my galery?
    Nexus 5

  • @C0n57an71n
    Hi, playing video inside Teleports is not supported (yet ?).
    But you can export the video to another app.

  • @AppLee I cannot see my video even in my own gallery! My friend can!

  • @C0n57an71n What are you calling your gallery ?
    If you sent the message using Teleports you should have a "play" symbol inside a circle with the timestamp in the message list.
    Tap on the icon and the video file will be downloaded.
    Another tap opens the internal player but it doesn't work for videos (at least on my N5 - I'm not sure it's related to video decoding issue with the N5). There you should be able to download the video file and open it with another app or store it with the file manager.

    I already sent videos using Teleports and I can access them from my phone or from telegram's app on my desktop.

  • @AppLee The gallery it's called Gallery :)) and comes as a default app. The video it's downloaded (in Downloads folder) I have tryied to play it wit the default media player, but says it's not supported ( .mp4). When looking at the file properties it's says Unknown, but that might be due to the fact that I've downloaded it from Teleports. I think the size of the file might be a problem as well (130 MB). I will try filming a smaller video and see how it behaves.
    Tnx for help anyways!

  • @AppLee I managed to find a fix to camera freezing problem when changing from photo to video mode: when in photo mode, I change to video mode and then freezes. I then change from the big camera to smaller selfie camera and back to big camera and it works. Problem now is gallery which doesnt display a preview or play it ( not even the media player).

  • Hi @C0n57an71n
    You didn't answer my question.
    If you're talking about the gallery app a video recorded by Teleports won't be available there.
    It's due to confinement what the Teleports recorded is available only to Teleports. Sharing to the gallery app is up to the user.

    When you have issues like this you might want to give more details about the step you took.

    For example :

    • Within the Teleports app I tapped on the clip icon to send a video
    • I chose the movie icon and selected the camera app to record a short clip
    • The video was sent and well received

    What troubles me is that I cannot find the original clip on my phone.
    For this I tried :
    1- To search the gallery app
    2- To search within the file manager in the Video folder

    I think that's what you tried, but I don't know because you never explained. I may be smart (enough) but I cannot read mind (yet) 😄
    I hope I guessed right and you have a better understanding of it now.
    If you want to export the video to the gallery than you'll have to find the video you sent in Teleports, tap on it and download it with the File Manager. Choose the Video directory. The gallery app will then be able to access it.

    But as I wrote Nexus 5 have issues with videos and you may have trouble playing it.

  • @AppLee I knew that Teleports cannot record videos, that is why I filmed it normaly and then send it via Teleports as an attachement. When I've attached it in Teleports, the preview in the Gallery showed it as if it was brocken, although a friend with an Android and another with iOs confirmed that video is ok. I would attache screenshots to my post, but... you know..., screenshots doesn't work as well...

  • @C0n57an71n Really? Screenshots doesn't work on the N5? It works fine on all my devices by pressing vol+ and vol- at the same time (in case you don't know that).

  • @thilov my bad. it works...

  • @C0n57an71n
    So your issue is a know bug with the Nexus 5, videos cannot be played within the phone.
    You can try with UTmedia but it's using the CPU (instead of GPU) to play the video.

    Nothing related with Teleports though 😉
    The title was misleading.

  • I never mentioned that I was trying to play it in Teleports. I said that I send a video via Teleports. Sorry that I wasn't clear enough, but I said that I know Teleports doesn't support video. Thanks for clarification though.

  • @C0n57an71n
    No problem
    That's why I asked what you called gallery.
    I was considering :

    • The message list where the play logo appears
    • On the desktop when you swipe between media
    • The gallery app (that was the one)

    So yes videos taken with the camera are not supported with Nexus5.
    UTmedia manage to read them but it's laggy.
    And an error message is displayed in the gallery app.

  • @AppLee Sorry for all the fuss... I didn't even think that videos wouldnt play on Nexus 5, that is why I didn't searched for this issue on the forum in the first place.
    Oh well..., I'll have to move back to Android until a phone (maybe PinePhone) will be able to have at least the basic stuff bug-free. Until then, UT on Nexus 5 will remain a playing ground and a nice (and somtimes frustrating) curiosity.
    Thanx for the help, once again!

  • @C0n57an71n said in Galery video + Teleports video attachments:

    PinePhone will be able to have at least the basic stuff bug-free

    Not for yet !! Maybe in a few months we all hope !

    If you now want a daily phone that is not too buggy, reliable and findable, this will be the one plus one (OPO). ALL other newly ported phones cannot be used on a daily basis if you want something reliable.

  • @domubpkm Thanks! But I think it would be wiser to wait a little bit more, than spending money on a new phone (OPO) and then buy another new phone (Pine) after I bought already a new Nexus 5, although my CAT S60 is still kicking...

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