One Plus one bleutooth audio

  • Hi I was wondering,
    Is there a way to use a bleutooth headset in ubuntu touch on the One plus One.

    It connects just fine but no audio from apps nor phone calls is routed to the headset.

    I hope this will come in some time, its a feature i really like and in some cases even need due to phone calls from work in high pitched sound areas. so in eed earplugs in and calling with earplug in just doesnot work.
    headset has more audio power and is hearable trough the plugs

    also carkit connection is a welcome feature.

    for the rest my one plus one with UBP works fine .

  • This is more of a support question so have moved it. My OPO worked with bluetooth speakers ok but was a bit slow connection wise at times not tried headphones don't know if uVolman from the OpenStore will help but this is a well known issue. Just try a forum search for other questions on the subject.

  • Uvolman doesnt work.

    tried Bleutooth speaker as well, that indeed works. (JBL Charge 2), it after connection directly shows bleutooth speaker as audio volume device.

    hope this can be fixed soon, zo i can use my jabra evolve 65 and nokia power buds with it.

    It detects the headsets als headset but audio to it wont work.

  • @sojab0on
    Audio speakers works generally over bluetooth, but audio calls (2 ways audio flux) is not working.
    That is a well known issue.

    To help with your problem, I can suggest wired headsets. I use the earplug from the PlayStation 4 controller and I'm satisfied with this solution.
    But there are other wired solutions... until this bug is fixed.

    But old kernel means old bluetooth support, so I'm not convinced it will be fixed soon, but one can hope.

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