I Can't install Firefox via libertine

  • I'm trying to install firefox because with Morph browser I can't access to my bank account (axA connect) and some website don't work. but I can't use libertine at this time.

  • @mito77
    Hi, I'm not help regarding Libertine, but have you tried the "desktop mode" with morph ?
    Sometimes it helps.

    IMHO Firefox will hardly work on a device such as Nexus5 due to the required resources.

  • Hi yes Desktop mode don't work too, and the another website like protonmail don't work, and on Demo Browser don't work too...

    so (when I change cities I have the sites I think, I have the impression that it is the 3G network which filters certain links or sites, or the place where I am located I cannot make certain consultations)

  • @mito77 BTW I took the liberty to move your topic to "Support" as your topic is more about helping you to install Firefox or find a way to access your bank account.

  • I found that there is a version of Firefox modded for small screens for postmarketOS, see:
    Firefox - postmarketOS

    But I have no idea how we would install an alpine package in a Libertine container.

  • @Giiba The package itself is not modified. You will need to change the config as described on the wiki page after installing. Those changes should be doable in libertine as well, though the gtk part may affect other apps.

  • @mito77 If the sites are blocked by some 3g/wifi provider, then I doubt they would work in firefox either.

  • @dobey
    that makes more sense, I was confused by the alpine package thing. I might have to give it a try, and gtk be damned as I only use CL apps in a container anyways.

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