Home screen background colour

  • Hi

    Is it possible to make the background of the home screen/page (which has the app icons) to be transparent so the desktop image/colour can show through?


  • @ko Hi,
    The drawer in RC is already semi-transparent, so I bet you're using stable.
    It doable, but I don't remember exactly how since I switched to RC.

    I think it's a parameter in the settings or in the scope ; try playing with options using the bottom edge for scope parameters.

    But I should add that OTA12 is coming and this will be rendered null with Lomiri.
    You'll have an app on foreground or the background if no app is running.
    The drawer has a little transparency when opened which is nice...

  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am using stable.
    Do you know when OTA12 will be released?

    I need a few things working before I can make this my main mobile - but it is looking great.


  • @ko OTA-12 is in the final stages of testing so not to long now.

  • Thank you - this is really cool

    On a side note - does UT support installation of the JDK?
    I am a Java developer and I would like to try and build some apps

  • @ko
    Short answer : no
    Better answer : you can use java as long as you provide all dependencies in your click package.
    Best answer : For more details you can ask on matrix #ub_bootcamp:matrix.org or on AppDev on telegram or matrix. But IMHO the best is to learn a bit of QML for the frontend and use javascript or C++.
    If you're a professional developer it won't be a problem.

  • Hi

    Thank you - I will try and do some reading up.

    Kind Regards

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