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  • Well after the moving to ubports version of ubuntu touch i have found out the following thing.

    In the past when you want to uninstall an app you keep pressing on the app icon till a new page open with ubuntu store that gives you an option to open or uninstall.

    so if you do that now same thing will happen but the version of the app is different from the version you see on open store.

    example telegram app shows on ubuntu store v. while if you go to openstore you will see v.

    So my question is that fine? or that is a bug needed to be fixed?

  • This isn't ideal, but it is expected. The "About this App" screen gets data from the official Canonical store.

    A bug has been filed for similar functionality here, but it probably will not be implemented in 15.04.

  • You can easily uninstall your apps (installed from the Open Store) by going to the Open store itself and choosing the app you want to uninstall. At the top there is a red bar with the word "uninstall" ....

  • Hopefully the fix for the different version numbers will be implemented soon and both will marry up, as this clearly is creating confusion for users.

    It would be good if apps were uninstalled via the old Ubuntu Store method as that is clean and easy and it is a known method now.

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