What the future of accounts?

  • Hi all! Thanks for your work I love ubtouch!

    Like propose @UniSuperBox here I repost!

    I'm Dev and I want to start a truly native qml Twitter client. I've played with online accounts and service Twitter don't work (infinite loading). For Facebook I can't finish the process because of "not valid facebook app".

    So my question is: should I use online account? Do you plan to support it in mid term? If so can I add services (LinkedIn, GitHub, Gitlab...) And how? Or it's better to develop an internal app system with web engine?

    I love the idea behind https://github.com/ubports/buteo-sync-plugins-social how can I play with that? Or help to develop it, if no plan to abandon it!?


  • @manland apart from your question that i cannot answer sorry :), have you looked at the twitter client for Sailfish ? that i think , should have interesting things to use or collaborate with the maintainer : https://github.com/Wunderfitz/harbour-piepmatz

  • @lduboeuf thanks for sharing! I will look at it... I don't know what the relation between ubtouch and salfish!? We can Dev an app for both os? I wad thinking salfish it's only HTML/js os!?

  • @manland No sailfish isn't only HTML and javascript, but even if it was, we do have some html apps in the store, fortunately a lot of app developers for sailfish, KDE, Ubuntu Touch, and others, are using QML, with other languages, looking at the github page for Piepmatz, it's mostly coded in c++, and qml, with a good amount of javascript.

    Those 3 languages can be understood by Ubuntu Touch, but it'll probably still need a bit of work to run properly on Ubuntu Touch, because sailfish does have its own special sauce, called silka, which isn't so transferable to Ubuntu Touch unfortunately, I'm not a programmer, so I can't be to sure of that, but hopefully it wouldn't be to difficult.

    It's at least a starting block though, you might have to fork it, if theres to much sailfish specific stuff, but a lot of code should be reusable, and be a big push forward, over starting from scratch!

  • Hi @manland!
    I'm the one mostly taking care of the Online Accounts feature, but it's a bit bizarre, because I myself make very little use of the online services we support (Google, Twitter and Facebook), so unless someone notifies me of some bugs, I would hardly notice if they stop working. 🙂

    I would appreciate if you could file a bug (or two, if you find issues with both Facebook and Twitter) in https://github.com/ubports/account-plugins/issues, describing the problem in detail. I don't have a device with me right now, but I'll try reproducing the issue ASAP.

    In general, yes, you should use the Online Accounts feature, because it simplifies life both for you and for the end user, who won't have to login multiple times, when different applications use the same account.

    As for the buteo-sync-plugins-social, the long term plan is to use it, at least to fetch the contacts so that you can have them in your address-book; but it will never be a replacement for a full-featured client, so I very much support your idea of creating a native client. 🙂


  • Grazie @mardy

    Yes of course I will open issue!

    A feature I will love to see/develop it's the ability to have family birthday into calendar from facebook (because facebook has all informations 😃 )

    Another one could be have twitter/facebook direct message in messages app because is something similar. I don't care by what app I talk to someone but I want to see all discussions in one place 😃

    And what about adding new one? There is some rule like "need to serve multiple purpose" or something like that?

  • @PhoenixLandPirat as you said most part of the code can be reused, i did once a quick test, sailfish own components as to be replaced, but for someone used with qml it is not so difficult. Congrats for your idea @manland