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  • Hello everyone ! I did a little troubleshooting with mms on FP2 stable. I was aware that at the moment you can't receive a notification for an incoming mms if you're disconnected from cell data/wifi - and not the actual message either. I hope this can be fixed. My issue is that even with data on, I didn't receive anything until I toggled roaming. then it worked. But as soon as I turn off data, i have to do it all over again - that is, toggling roaming off, cellular on, then roaming on again. How come ? What can I do ? Thank you.

  • Hello! In my case (BQ hd5), most of the time, I don't receive mms. And I never know it. People have to send mms several time until I finally receive it. Why it works sometime and not all the time? Old question. But I think it is a important issue, one of the most important point of a phone, with calls of course.

  • Apart of some known issues regarding APN settings, it seems that MMS is not reliable when we turn on/off cellular data. Some properties might not be updated and it is known that if any error occurred while receiving, there is no notifications. @sergiusens will gracefully/hopefully work on some part soon as he told us but some components need to be updated too.
    Hope it will be also on next goal as it is one of fundamental/expected working feature of a phone

    Call for dev volonteers 🙂

  • On my E4.5 I don't receive MMS, too. Some days or weeks later there is an incoming SMS that tells me, that there's an unread MMS and a link where I can watch at it.
    I've done some tests on it and found out, that MMS is working for me when I've switched on mobile-data at the moment of receiving an MMS. Switching mobile-data on some minutes later, the MMS won't be delivered and the above notification SMS will tell about the missed MMS some days later.
    I don't want to let mobile-data always on, so I don't care about MMS, but it would be nice if there could be a notification about an incoming MMS with the option, to switch on mobile-data to fetch the MMS. I don't really know how the transmission of MMS works so I have no idea if this is a possible way.

  • In my case, I let Data on all the time especially to receive MMS (I changed my phone contract for this), but this changed nothing... And I never receive notifications. But every once in a while, I get one... Mystère!

  • @kristatos said in MMS situation:

    Some days or weeks later there is an incoming SMS that tells me, that there's an unread MMS and a link where I can watch at it.

    Got this once on my MX4 since updated on UBP OTA-11 stable.
    Weird because on canonical OTA15, MMS worked like a charm.

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