Alternate keyboard?

  • I'm missing alt/ctrl/super/page up,down/all that good stuff

  • An alternative layout for quick terminal use would be probably nice to have.

    But that should be possible through the multi-language support already, similar to the emoji keyboard that is already included.

  • Not possible to fully replace the current keyboard but @poVoq is correct, there are different layouts and if you want, you can create a layout with those things you like.

  • Also, for Terminal it already provides command key toolbar with these keys in it. It is very similar to how it works in Termux on Android, if you are familiar with that.

  • How can I edit layout/terminal keyboard shortcuts?

  • Bump. I really need my CTRL/ALT keys please.

  • @nontrivial where (for which apps) do you need them?

  • Why not get a physical keyboard with OTG or bluetooth?

  • @Rebecca58 Very impractical carrying around extra gear for such a basic function

  • @badcloud
    What are your use cases ?
    I use those keys on a regular keyboard, but never on my phone, so I wonder what makes it necessary for you ?

    @nontrivial same question 🙂

    And you can open an issue about that, but in order to point out the right repository, we will need to understand your need.

  • @AppLee Terminal

  • @badcloud
    So in terminal you have the page_up & page_down mentioned in your OP.
    Why do you need CTRL, ALT and Super ?

    I use them with a real keyboard to move the cursor faster, but with a touch screen there is no need and we've got the swipe from bottom feature to help with fast and precise moving of the cursor.

    Check the opened issues for the terminal first and then you can ask for a new feature there :

  • Bash/nano/emacs shortcuts, I'm sure there's more

  • @badcloud
    There already has nano shortcut set.

    I'll advice to check out the features already present before asking for a new one.
    Use the little hamburger menu in the bar just up to the keyboard. The menu is on the left and there are many cool features that you might find really useful.

  • I remember lacking one nano shortcut (I don't use U Touch right now). I think Ctrl/Alt/Super keys on the virtual keyboard would be more useful than a few shortcuts, but that's just my opinion.

  • @badcloud
    Those keys are used with another one to perform an action.
    That can be done the same way as the MAJ key one tap activate the key then you press any key to get the shortcut. But I find it harder to use...

    You can ask for either the shortcut you miss or to change the feature. The second will take more time and will require that someone dedicate some time to it, IMHO you'll have more luck just asking for the one you need.

    Dev time is a critical resource and it will be best used elsewhere. But as you said, that is my opinion and many may disagree with me.

    I suggest you go on an open the issue (if it is not already there) for what you really miss.

    Edit: Word of advice
    The more precise and specific the request, the more it is likely to be done.
    If the developer doesn't understand your need they won't be able to do it and it's more probable that they won't go further to try and understand it when so much awaits elsewhere.

  • @badcloud
    I have not found any detailed description about it.

    I made some alternative layouts: the number of buttons was changed, the layout of the keys was redesigned, but I cannot (and do not want to) add Ctrl, Alt etc. It might be interesting, but it is far from my understanding the device and the operating system.

    My only purpose was to make it easier to reach the full Hungarian character set and some typography marks (and to make it easier the full ascii set in another layout). After that I made layouts for several other languages for my fun only.

    Well, to tell the truth, I sometimes suffered from the French keyboard layout and I thought it would be much more comfortable in a hotel when my design would have been universally accepted:-)

    You can find two scripts for installing these layouts. You must reach your device with ssh, you have to adapt its ip address, there may be further little quirks… Your measures may vary, elementary bash knowledge is necessary to edit (and then to use) the scripts…

    There is a simple backup mechanism for the original files, but no guarantee is given. After trying my scripts your device may be unusable, the keyboard may disappear etc.

    The scripts were successfully used on bq Aquaris E4.5 phone, M10 tablet (original Ubuntu from Canonical) and on bq Aquaris E4.5, Nexus 5 phones (recent Ubuntu Touch).


    pglk is for p(h)oenician, greek, latin and cyrillic alphabets
    or simply
    p(oly)gl(ott) k(eyboard layout)

    Enjoy it…

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