Venueless - a new Open Source broadcasting platform

  • looks good... if it works. I wonder if it might facilitate a move away from YouTube for the bi-weekly UBports broadcast?

  • @3arn0wl
    Please can you change your title ?

    Just an url like this calls to caution as it can be phishing or spam.
    Add a little context so people know where they land and if they want to follow the link.

  • The thing is, youtube gives you more exposure, it might be possible to use this as the main platform for the live show, but it'd have to either be broadcasted in both places at the same time, or treat people who view it on youtube as second class citizens, and make extra work for Dalton, as he'd have to broadcast the Q&A then he'd have to make sure he has a local copy, and then would have to upload the Q&A to youtube.

    I dont think its wise to not exist on Youtube.

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