Libertine and Desktop Apps Scope in OTA-12

  • Now that scopes have disappeared in OTA-12, how do you launch an app installed in a Libertine container? In previous OTAs, you could just swipe the UT scope from the bottom up and you got the Desktop Apps Scope with all the desktop apps icons. Where have these icons gone since OTA-12 was released?

  • The icons should appear in the app drawer. If you are not seeing it there then maybe you need to create a new libertine container from scratch.

  • Thanks malditobastardo. I just had to reboot and the desktop app I had installed through Libertine appeared among all common UT apps. I did not know or remember that one had to reboot after installing a desktop app.

  • @ubuntoutou You can try also by "pulling down" the drawer for refresh as well. I think that should work with desktop apps too. For example, when you install a new app from the OpenStore, you have to pull down in order to refresh and get the new icons displayed.

  • @malditobastardo Eh? This is the case for libertine apps (as the new stuff in the app drawer is doing things a bit differently), but for apps installed via open store, they should just appear in the drawer after installing.

  • Just installed Firefox on a Meizu Pro 5 with 4GB of RAM (i.e. a Pro 5 that came with Android and not the UT edition) and it works!

  • Hey, this might be related to my recent post...

    How do I delete an (already deleted) app that is listed on my drawer from libertine, but that refuses to disappear? Can I just manually update/mess with



  • @enrolado There are no scopes any more, and that does not apply to the app drawer.

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