Media playback stops, won't restart

  • Hi all
    I'm on the RC channel on the Oneplus One bacon and on at least a couple of occasions I've had media playback randomly stop mid-track and then refuse to restart
    Once it was playback of a podcast with Podbird, the other tell it was playing back a mp3 file with the Music App

    Once playback has stopped in this way it won't play anything else and the only way I've found to get playback working again is to reboot the phone.

    Should this happen again, is there any commands I can run or services I can restart to get it working again without the need to reboot?


  • @theare27 I have an opo as well and did never experience this. But I don't use it that much.

    You could try to restart media-hub:

    stop media-hub
    start media-hub

    Maybe you could also look in some log files like .cache/upstart/media-hub.log or /var/log/syslog.

  • @wdehoog cheers, I'll try that if it happens again

  • I'm facing the same or a similiar problem. As soon as the display gets black while playing a podcast, the podcast stops. Sometimes it starts again a few seconds later for another seconds until it stops again. The same problem happens with the music app!
    This is quite knew! I guess it began with the last rc update. Is there a work around? A fix on the way?

    MX4 on rc channel

    Thanks for helping

  • @flaun-in That's a different and known bug with Media Hub on the RC branches. I've had to switch to stable branch for now until it's resolved.

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