keyboard overlapping fullscreen windows

  • i have launcher autohide off, and windowed mode on, and i find the windows do not adjust to the keyboard when maximised, for eg i cannot see the text input in sms while typing

    i know they are able to adjust to the keyboard, as they do when in normal UT mode, does anyone know where that switch might be? if it is actually a switch which might work in windows mode too?

    for now i just normalise windows when i need, but would be nice to enable the adjustment automatically, even in windowed mode

  • @pixelated If you mean windows / active window should resize when keyboard is visible so they do not occupy the space below it and if scrollable/flickable its content should scroll to the active input element then this has never been implemented in the windowed mode afaik, not even in the old Unity 8. This mode is not really useful for touch screen only operation but is dedicated for use when a keyboard is attached.

    I also don't think Android for instance behaves much better:
    though I could be in error as I have not tried it myself nor was I able to find any better resources than these two videos. You can nonetheless find a lot of images of this mode enabled with keyboard attached as one would expect.

  • This hasn't been implemented reliably in windowed mode. There are apps that adjusts when the OSK is displayed but they won't work well in windowed mode. I suggest your turn down the opacity of the keyboard in the settings although this is still not perfect but at least you can see behind it.

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