installing ANYTHING without having terminal or open store installed (aquaris E4.5)

  • hi all
    I got a aquaris 4.5 without terminal app installed. I get that ubuntu store is not working anymore and replaced by open store. how can i install either open store or terminal app, when i currently have neither of those? been searching for an answer now for a while...
    thanks a lot!!

  • @aamu What version of UT are you running is it still the canoical one? Sounds like it needs updating use the installer if your still on Canonical version.

  • Yes you need to switch to our stable channel first, and then you will have Open Store preinstalled and all will be fine 😉

  • aaaah i see... yes pretty sure thats the case then. so just follow instructions like for a installation from zero... thanks for the help!

  • super smooth experience installing and using it. Thanks for all that work!

    A pitty though that visibility is so low. searching the web, i would never have guessed that ubuntu touch is so functional, because there is bearly any information availlable if you don't search with the keyword "ubports". Somehow i would expect, that forum threads would show up in search results, when searching with keywords like ubuntuphone or ubuntu-touch, like i am used to it, from other linux distros, but somehow this does not seem to happen.
    Also the information that the old store is dead and a re-install is necessary (and EXTREMLY easy 🙂 is somehow really hard to find. If i would not have been desperately in need of a functional smartphone, I would have given up, even though I use linux since almost 20 Years now.

  • @aamu said in installing ANYTHING without having terminal or open store installed (aquaris E4.5):

    I would have given up

    Glad it hasn't come to this.
    The search engine you're using may change the result a bit in my experience.

    But yeah most searches with Ubuntu touch lead to articles like "Ubuntu touch is dead" or sometimes "Ubuntu touch is NOT dead" and from this you can find UBports community...

    The community is small hence not visible.
    And nowadays a search for something specific and rare leads to something popular and does not provide the expected outcome. Standardization of people's minds

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