which device for future use of Ubuntu touch?

  • Hi,

    I would like to give Ubuntu Touch a try, but none of my devices seem to be supported (Xperia T (yep, still working), Nexus 5X (read about the difficulties this device brings) and Xiaomi MI 9SE (currently daily driver)).

    The list of supported devices show rather old devices... Which (2nd-hand)-device would be recommended for "future use" with Ubuntu Touch?

    (currently, I'll have to use an official Android (thanks to Googles safetynet and all banks and insurances going the app-route), but I want a device where i have control over the software AND I want to give other OS a try (if the "future device" would also support SailfishOS - that's be great))

  • There are a few "quite recent" devices available in the UT supported device list.
    Also Volla Phone is a new and promoted project in partnership with UBports:


    It's a good specs device (build on Halium 9) which will be for long time supported by UT. If pre-ordered now, the device will be sent in next November.

    Right now, Pinetab and Volla Phone are the 2 devices that can be officially ordered with pre-installed Ubuntu Touch OS.

  • @emkay said in which device for future use of Ubuntu touch?:

    The list of supported devices show rather old devices...

    uTouch don't need ultra-powered device to run smoothly.
    I have a quite old Meizu MX4 UT Edition since 2015 and it runs very well.

    To complete @stanwood i would say the choice also depends of what you want as "futur proof" phone, pure linux phone without any part of androïd on it (= Pinephone or Librem 5), or any phone that would be supported for 3 to 5 years (starting with Volla, or, 2nd hand FairPhone 2)?

    Maybe you could start with trying UT with a cheap 2nd hand phone like Nexus 5 (androïd versions can be found "good condition" starting at 30€-50€, i even saw one with a corner glass broken but screen and touchscrenn full usable at 10€)

  • Thanks, I'm aware of the vollaphone - looks nice, but currently out of budget... Also, here in Switzerland (where I am), Nexus-devices are not that common...

    I was more thinking of eg. Samsung Galaxys, Pixel-Familys aso... You know - some "common" phones bought by everyday-customers, therefore available on 2nd-hand-market...

    Any chance of telling which ones will be (eventually) supported?

    Unfortunatly, as written, I currently have to use "official Android" due to the safetynet-limitations (bank requires the use of apps); so the "UT-device" will be NOT the daily driver (therefore the budget for a device is limited)

  • You can buy new box-sealed Sony Xperia X.. I will go for that route soon this week 🙂

  • @emkay said in which device for future use of Ubuntu touch?:

    Also, here in Switzerland (where I am), Nexus-devices are not that common...

    Are you a french talker?
    If yes, you can try on leboncoin (10€ one is there) or rakuten, there are some.
    Some are on ebay also.

    EDIT : yes also there are others choices like Sony XXP or cheaper Sony XX (not same level of UT completion, but work).

  • @emkay Glad to see that we are compatriot! 😉

    Indeed, all depends form your budget and from exactly what you're looking for.

    Living in Switzerland as well I'm using a Nexus 5 as second daily phone.
    You can find some (new or new refurbished) on several platforms such as Aliexpress, Ebay, etc...) Prices vary from 30.- to 120.- depending on the general condition of the device. Despite the fact that it is quite old now, I must admit that it works wonderfully!

    I would also recommand Xperia X Performance which is a new port offering a progressing good maturity on UT as well as an excellent Price/Quality ratio (approx. CHF. 180.- for a new one). You can easily find some by most internet retailers.

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