Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to run Ubports on it?

  • Hello!

    I wounder if the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 would be a good device for Ubports.

    Basically I wonder what kind of experience I could expect.

    Will the hardware work?

    If I bought the Bookcover keyboard, would that work?

    Would I be able to run X11 applications? (If would there be any Hardware graphics acceleration?)

    Almost ironic, but still, would it be possible to run Android apps?

    Best Regards
    / Rasmus

  • Hello!

    Thanks for your reply!

    I forgot to write that I was thinking of the GSI image.

    I guess that features of the AOSP for the device might give a hint what's working.

    Can one expect the same features to work with Ubports as the AOSP?

    Best Regads

  • @zzarr GSI on xda is not yet fully intergrated with our systems yet, no OTA updates and maybe more kernel patches at present.

  • I see, I guess it means it might work with some missing features then.

    I'll pass on the Samsung Tab then, thanks for your reply.

    GSI is a good way forward though, it might make it possible to port devices fast and easy. 🙂

  • @zzarr There are links on xda as to what works and not quite extensive really. Yes I believe we are in contact with the person behind that so should be good yes.

  • @Lakotaubp said in Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to run Ubports on it?:

    Yes I believe we are in contact with the person behind that so should be good yes.

    Yes you are 😃

  • Nice!

    I'll read thread tomorrow 🙂


  • @Keneda

    Do you think the tablet I asked about would be worth it? (I'm still thinking about it.)
    In other words, would it deliver a good experience once I built a GSI image for it?

    Still wondering about X11 and Android apps (without X11 apps it would be a deal breaker, Android apps I can live without, can run them on my phone).

    Best Regards

  • @zzarr
    Don't have a clue about S6 tab. I only own a phone under uTouch, and using it since 2015.
    All i can say is : having a good experience with uTouch only depends on your needs about softwares (apps) that you'll have to run on it.
    If about x11 you talk about linux desktop apps, can't help you i don't use libertine.

  • @zzarr Ubuntu Touch is not primarily aimed at running X11 applications. Some might work under Libertine, but that is only if Libertine is supported for your device. And even then the feature is more of a preview than a finished product.

    You are effectively asking if a device that is currently not supported, will run well enough when Ubuntu Touch is ported to it. The answer is: no one can know unless and until a port is attempted.

    If you really want to buy that device, buy it for what runs on it now. If you really want to run Ubuntu Touch try to find a currently supported device that meets your needs.

    Of course if you want to buy the device with the aim or porting Ubuntu Touch to it, then by all means do, but then again, you will only know what works once the port is attempted.

  • @Keneda Thanks for your answer 🙂

    @arubislander Ohh, thanks for clarifying 🙂

    I had a Ubuntu phone (Meizu MX 4, it ran libertine).

    Are there any ported Qt or Gtk apps for the device?

    Is it possible to dualboot Ubuntu Touch on a GSI device?

    Best Regards

  • @zzarr
    Yes, some apps work on UT within Libertine (The Gimp, LibreOffice, ...) but they UX is not made for mobile and touchscreen, so it's not a good experience IMHO.
    It's also often slow and not without bugs.
    So yes it is possible, but not something one would be using on a daily basis, think of it as a failsafe is case of need.

    Dual booting is not possible because no BSL exist as far as I know. And GSI devices are work in progress so we don't really know until we can see something real. Kind of the same thing about the outcome one can expect in porting...

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