Change day of the week order in Agenda app

  • Hi,

    I have a litle problem of day ordering in Agenda app. My system is currently set to french, but I live in Canada, not in France. Here in Canada, the first day of the week is sunday. In France, this is monday. In the Agenda calendar, the first day of the week is monday, like it is in France, but I don't like it. Is it possible to set the calendar to the canadian format? I haven't found any parameter to do that.


  • I do not see why it would be hard to change it. I am not sure how to do this but have you logged a request for this?

  • @samdevqc can't you set your locale to fr_CA instead of fr_FR?

    A quick (and dirty) fix could be to edit fr_FR locale and change the lines first_weekday 2 and first_workday 2 to first_weekday 1 and first_workday 1

    You can edit the file with nano $ sudo nano /usr/share/i18n/locales/fr_FR and then recompile it with $ sudo locale-gen

    P.S. Remember that the terminal has its own nano overlay because if you don't you'll go crazy trying to edit, save, or exit the file.

  • I can't set my tablet to franch (Canada), I only have french (France). It would be nice to implement a simple feature to set the first day of the week, like we have in Android. I will try the command-line fix.

  • I've got a "read-only file system" error when trying to edit these files. Also, the default locales are set to en_US even if Ubuntu Touch is set to french (France).

  • @samdevqc did you try to edit the file as user or superuser (with sudo)?

    If you write locale in the terminal, what's the output?

  • Yes I did. The result of locale is fr_FR.

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