Mark as solved

  • Probably not a priority, though...

    The number of times @Lakotaubp had to explain how to mark a thread as solved is already a lot.

    The mechanism, if it's very good, is probably not visual enough. If many read the forum, apparently the procedure does not print enough (in head).

    One or two much more visible buttons would surely make the procedure easier.

    Maybe @CiberSheep specialist in design (lately very nice Morph-browser icon) and liking this kind of challenge, could later surely consider something more accessible.

  • Do you have any suggestion?

  • As a basis of work, the idea would be, in connection mode, to make visible what is 'hidden', directly below the subject, the buttons explained according to the case :

    -delete topic
    -mark as 'unresolved issue'.


    -delete topic
    -mark as 'issue resolved'.
    -make this a normal topic

  • I feel that the forum interface, while it looks very slick, is not easy to understand. For example, there are things that one needs 'reputation' for, or so I think... but that's not explained anywhere. Marking as resolved is indeed hard to find, and apparently (some? all?) posts can be tagged, or at least I sometimes see posts that have tags. But I have no idea how to do this, or whether or not I even can. It's not clear who the moderators are, either. There is a list, but I can't see it in the forum when they post.

    I'm basically flying blind here as a forum user. In other words, there's room for improvement.

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