Phone vendor shiftphone (potential to team up with UT)

  • hey there, i just bumped into shiftphone, as i maybe could get my hands on an old one for 30 EUR. so i wondered, if there is anything going on, to get in contact with them? i found this (maschine translated) on the website of shiftphone:

    Alternative operating systems: In principle, we allow any software modification on your SHIFTPHONE without loss of guarantee. Unless you make changes that damage the hardware (e.g. by overclocking). The upcoming SHIFT6mq in particular is designed to be able to use operating systems other than Android. On older devices (SHIFT4, SHIFT5, except SHIFT5me) there will probably be no alternative operating systems.

    We offer various developer communities extensive custom ROM support to test their operating systems on our devices and make any necessary adjustments. However, we must not advertise that other operating systems can also be installed on our SHIFTPHONES. You will get more information. but from the community of your favorite operating system.

    Does anyone know, why this (bold part) is?
    Is there already been a contact to the company shiftphone? EDIT: according to @flohack no, but @flohack will write an email to them

  • I will see if we already contact with them, and I will write a small inquiry. Meanwhile, I looked through the shiftphone forums. There are verious mentions of Ubuntu Touch, and also it seems that on the last IFA (tradefair) there was some discussion ongoing about this topic.

    I keep you informed. Just saying, Mediatek chipset together with Android 8 could be a really hard nut to crack. Because a) Mediatek has a lot of closed source stuff, and b) we now decided to jump over Android 8 support entirely. We are so far behind the latest Android versions that its simply a matter of catching up quickly, to enable more modern hardware. So the requirement for a shiftphone is either an Android base 7.1 or 9 πŸ™‚

  • The Shift 6mq will have a Snapdragon 845, which I think is the same as the Poco F1 and Oneplus 6t have.

    The company has stated often that they want to offer their devices for alternative OSes as well and they will try to support communities as good as they can. At the end it comes to the lack of men power as it always does.

    It think as well, that it would be a good fit, but I dont think we will see this happen soon.

  • Update: We are already in contact with them and I can say that it looks like an interesting opportunity for both sides. More later πŸ˜‰

  • @Flohack Ooh, that's exciting! Thanks for the update!

  • At first glance, they're as sober as a BQ and LOOK pretty much the same! And moreover it seems to me to see leds, which for me goes hand in hand with UT. So I like it. So, if a solution can be found to this Android 8 blocking then so much the better!

  • @domubpkm There will be a solution, believe me πŸ˜‰

  • @Flohack I'm extremely excited to believe you !!!

  • @Flohack Can you say more now ? I don't think the subject came up in the last q and a.

  • @domubpkm No I canΒ΄t say more. Thats also because our pipeline is filled to finish Pinephone and Volla, as we have kinda agreements there πŸ˜‰

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