I asekd at VollaPhone to purchase an image for GigaSet GS290

  • Re: Villa Phone identical to Gigaset GS290?

    Hi, it was mentioned "why not to ask at VollaPhone", I did this.
    I own a GigaSet S290 longer than I was aware of VollaPhone project and would have loved to support them.
    The answer from Volla was: you can buy another VollaPhone for 300ā‚¬. I wanted to get rid of Android and would have been willing to pay around 100ā‚¬ for this, also to Volla. Unfortunately the installer from UBports for Volla does not work for a GigaSet GS290.

  • @Tellina i was playing with the same/a similar idea... Would good to have a second android phone for me atm to play with for my current job. So i was thinking of buying a GS290 and flash ut on it later when i'm done with the job and donate 100 Euro or whatever to volla to support their efforts.

  • Is the hardware really identical? If so, you could make an alias in the installer and it will put the Vollaphone image onto it. You basically would add it here: https://github.com/ubports/installer-configs/blob/1991b3f675b942e7222a11b7fb366c877c0cf817/aliases.json#L8

  • @Flohack
    Hi Floh,
    thanks for your suggestion. I think the relevant hardware is identical.

    As per my minimal understanding of the whole topic the entry IĀ“m looking for would be this:

    adb -s GS2900000005217 shell getprop
    [ro.build.flavor]: [full_k63v2_64_bsp-user]

    Did I get you right that I just need to add "full_" as an additonal alias?
    "k63v2_64_bsp": "yggdrasil",
    "full_k63v2_64_bsp": "yggdrasil"
    But just to ask another stupid question. Basically you assume the phone has been rooted before using the installer?


  • @Tellina Hello, no you don't need to do anything, the "full" is not part of the name. Can you do a getprop on [ro.product.name]
    [ro.product.board] or
    and confirm this? It should be just k63v2_64_bsp - if so, connect the installer, and give it a try šŸ˜‰

    Note for rooting: Well you need just an unlocked bootloader. You need to enable developer mode in Android, allow USB debugging, then connect your host while still in android, and authorize the access. From there the installer will take you.

    Beware you might loose all data. Also you must ensure first that you install stock Android 9.

  • @Flohack
    Hello, thanks for your immediate response.

    While running the installer, I get this message:
    and the choise on the phone to reboot, take ubuntu actions or android actions.
    Which way to go?
    Issue reported 1306

  • @Tellina : Situation did not look promissing. So I did the following steps to leave the endless loop:

    1. start ./adb reboot bootloader
    2. Start installer again.
      Then: surprise files has been transfered to the phone.
      Updates has been installed.
      Phone rebooted.
      Mission accomplished! Well done! šŸ˜
      Donation is on the way! Many thanks.

  • @Tellina It might need a wipe of all partitions with TWRP before you try, maybe the installer hit smth it could not understand. But good that you tried a 2nd time lol

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