Compact smartphone with ubtouch

  • Hi all,

    I write here because I would like to try Ubuntu-touch, but I would also like to know if there is one of the supported phones that is also small size.
    Does anyone know if, among the supported devices, there is a compact one, I mean one like a samsung s4 mini for example ?

    Thanks in advance

  • @claudio The most compact supported model is the BQ AQUARIS E 4.5, the first model that supported UT and which is becoming really excellent now on the dev channel thanks to a huge amount of work by the developers (in view of the OTA-13) but which I don't know if it will still be updated in some form from 2021 onwards. Anyway, it's very hard to find, even in android (flashable UT) version. For an immediate fully functional use, you'll have to acquire a Nexus 5, a bit bigger.

    It is true that a future-oriented UT smartphone under 5 inches (don't forget LEDs..) officially supported would, I think, meet with success because many people like compact smartphones.

  • S3 Neo is supported, though a bit aged. But it works quite well minus the camera, I had no time to fix that 🙂


  • @claudio Nexus 5

  • Thanks to all!!! 😉

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