Scopes are UT distinctive!

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    Re: [Scope](the forgotten ones.)

    Hi everybody, for me the scopes are also very important. I am happy user, they offer very quick and user-friendly overview about all of my most favorite sites and interest.

    And what is the most important they make Ubuntu phone unique and distinctive to all other systems on smart-phones. It would be very big loss not keeping and developing them anymore!

    Pherhaps I am currently using below on screen visible scope list:

    Today scope (Date, Weather forecast, News)
    Apps scope
    Telegram scope
    News scope
    Twiter scope
    Softpedia scope
    Xataka scope
    OMG scope

    Already today there is possible to modify some settings: like to to add and modify News resources installing the RSSReader Scope by activating it at Today scope settings. This way you will get shorts from your favorite news sites...

    From this point I thing Scopes have very big POTENTIAL! Definitely we should keep them! Pls can some one move all of them to the OpenStore?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @MK73 scopes as we know them today are going to disappear but maybe there'll be something better.

    You should read this thread

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