Forking apps from the Canonical store

  • There are a couple of apps in the Ubuntu Store that I'm interested in and that don't seem to have any chance of being moved over by the original authors to the OpenStore. These are apps that were created like 2 years ago, received a couple of updates, but haven't been touched any further in the last two years.

    My questions:

    1. Is it OK to fork them and move them to the Openstore? (They are all free software with GPL licences)

    2. Should the original authorship be kept in the package, or only in the code?

  • Hello!

    It would be great if you volunteer for further moving apps to the Openstore. The question is, do we have all the source code? Because if we move them over, we also need the possibility to update them to newer OS versions etc. So just copying the click package will not be enough 🙂

    The authorship should be kept, but you can enter yourself as a maintainer & also contact in Openstore.


  • Yes, by forking I was meaning forking the code and rebuilding the click package, otherwise I agree it is useless.

    Ok, good to know then.

  • It would be good to get as many of the apps from the store over as possible. However, there were lots of web apps and not many native apps. This is a shame as we should babe more of the latter than the former.

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