Morph Browser - Differences between Meizu MX4 and BQ Aquaris M10 HD?

  • Hello,

    I am using the Web Version of Evernote in the Morph Browser on my BQ Aquaris M10 HD. That works like a charm.
    On my Meizu MX4 I've been using the Notes App connected to Evernote. Today I wanted to use the Web Version on my MX4 and the website responded, that it doesn't support Android Browsers and that I should download the Android App.
    Is there a reason why it does work on the tablet but not on the phone?


  • @jojumaxx Probably because your tablet is in "desktop mode" 😉

  • Hi,

    no it's not. At least the checkbox is not checked. And trying that on the phone doesn't work either...
    But maybe that's a matter of screensize...?

    Or is there a way to show a checklist properly in the Notes App?


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