how can i transfer files from/to my pc?

  • so i got an nexus 5 and install ubuntu touch in it. i wanna transfer some music from my pc to my nexus. how can i do it?

  • @pinetaco
    Plug your phone to your computer.
    You should be able to access the Music directory on your phone to copy your music into.

    The music app is looking into this specific folder so I suggest you stick to this one learning how access rights work in UT with confined apps.

    You can also try using "Bluetooth file transfer" but it's slower and no as easy to use.
    Of course you can also enable SSH and use SCP from your computer.

  • @AppLee im on a windows pc right now. it doesnt recognize my nexus 5. i tried installing drivers but it didint work. i dont have an sd card. can i install music with youtube-dl?

  • @pinetaco
    IDK about windows, but I guess you'll need some android tools to get there.
    MTP should work natively on windows (it does at the office).

    And I also don't know about youtube-dl. I try to get as far possible as google.

  • @AppLee can i use pc commands(git, wget , neofetch etc) in ubuntu touch? i tried installing them but it didnt work.

  • @pinetaco
    The root filesystem is locked in Ubuntu Touch.
    In order to install more tools, you can use a Libertine container.

    But I don't suggest that you do for your use case.
    If you cannot access your phone from the computer it's probably something missing on the computer side.

    Oh, I remember, you need to unlock your phone so the computer can access it while connected in USB.

  • @pinetaco Try UT Tweak Tool and use that to check MTP settings and adb while your there(but that should work as you installed UT). Also dev mode is swtched on still. Been along time but I had no issues with N5 and Windows, unless you count cable issues. Should just be a drag and drop or copy paste thing.

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