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    I really like monotype sans serif fonts, especially couple, that I had searched and saved before. It would be wonderful if I was able to upload ttf files and use Ubuntu Touch with custom fonts set in specific places (system, apps, libertine apps, keyboard, notification bar) I think comparison to gnome tweaks will be good example:
    alt text


    Is it possible to set custom font from file in specific places like keyboard, apps etc.?

    Every idea appreciated 🙂 can be command line.


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    • 2020.08.16 - issue creation.

  • @BigB
    Hi, I doubt customizing font is a possibility and even less choosing where it applies.
    But I guess you can try and replace the current font by the one of your choice.
    I have no clue where it is stored, but substituting the current font file with yours should be possible as a hack.