Messaging Apps on UT

  • Hi,

    as I am new to this forum a quick 'Hello' to you guys. I have been using Linux for many years now (as a regular user) on as many PCs and Notebooks as possible. I have bought a Nexus 5 purely to get my hands on Ubuntu Touch. Finally a Linux OS for phones.

    One thing that is holding me back to switch all the way is that I can't find the messaging apps as Linux versions. Here in Germany almost all (!) the communication is via WhatsApp. As much as I hate this App and FB it is hard to go without.

    OK scrap WhatsApp it is all proprietary! But what about Signal and Telegram? A phone without messaging apps has little value for me.

    Help is appreciated!

    Oh and I ordered a PinePhone yesterday. So I am very excited to get this up and running - probably with UT!

  • @supersalbbai
    There are Teleports (client for Telegram) and Axolotl (client for Signal)
    You can find them in the Open Store.

    As for call and/or video calls, it doesn't work... yet (that's a feature that many are waiting for, but as you can guess it's not easy to get it working)

    And also welcome here.
    I hope you'll enjoy your experience with UT.

  • @AppLee thank you very much for the info.

    It is absolutely amazing what the community does here. Can't wait to go all the way with UT as a daily driver!

  • @supersalbbai You can actually get Whatsapp to work through Anbox.