Pinephone user. Its not perfect! Grr

  • So yeah idk . Ive had my pinephone for a couple of weeks and its been pretty nice to play with. Since it says ubports community edition on the back that means im part of the community now right? Lol

    Posting in support rather than general bc im gonna whinge about some issues if thats ok

    First, the screen is way too bright, even at minimum. Its nearly 3am as i type this, pitch black around me, and i can feel my life being sucked out through my eyes. Why is this so?

    Second, theres this bug, right, where a new screen that pops up such as the launcher with the app menu open, or the settings menu of this ubports webapp im using, will just like. Go blank? The window and borders will display but none of the text or icons. Until i touch the screen to scroll, that is, then everything shows up.

    I wanted to grumble about how opening morph browser's settings would crash it, or how the keyboard was super laggy, but i cant really bc that seems to have been fixed in the latest update. Yay ~~~

    Though speaking of the keyboard i find it weird that punctuation isnt available by longpressing various letters. Also dark theme? Im a sucker for dark themes. Ooo but the cursor swipey thing is fkin awesome

    This is mostly an introduction post. Hello! I exist! And i love that this OS exists too. And i want to help. Yeah.

  • Hi, welcome to the community 🙂
    I do agree with the lowest setting of the brightness. My guess is that it was set like that because there was an issue before where the screen would go blank if the brightness is set too low. Not sure the technicality on this though. I also hope there's a way to make it dimmer.

    The issue you have in the launcher seems to happen from time to time in the whole system though more prominent in the launcher. UT on the pinephone is using a different technology to display the UI so it's quite at this stage so this will hopefully improve over time.

    I don't have the issue with morph's settings page and I don't remember ever encountering that before.

    Punctuation characters are available in the comma and period keys. Also, you can set the keyboard's theme in the settings. If you want dark theme for the whole system, you can download various apps like UT Tweak Tool, ThemeSwitcher and Suru Dark Mode indicator. Note though that dark theme implementation isn't perfect yet and some apps may not look good with it. In fact, it isn't really an official feature yet and that's why you can only get it using 3rd party apps which by the way are unconfined so make sure you accept the risks when installing them.

    Enjoy your new device and good luck with your journey with UT and hopefully you stay for a long time 😃

  • @kagoyasha
    If I'm not mistaken, the screen luminosity is defined by the driver and don't have enough steps.
    IIRC, level 0, 1 and 2 are lights off and level 3 (out of 10) is the minimum possible.
    I think that's a common issue through all the distros (maybe not because all distros don't use the same kernel and drivers).

    But I think the issue is not within UT.

  • Hi and welcome! It would help if you tell us which version of Ubuntu Touch you are running. When search for updates, what is the selected channel? There are a lot of things landing on the PinePhone right now so maybe Release Candidate or even devel would suit you better if you want the last changes even if still unstable?

    About your keyboard, you can turn it black in the settings, in "Language and text" you have a keyboard theme. "Just black" is awesome. You can also activate the Suru Dark theme with UT Tweak Tool as said above.

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