• I think it looks bad. I personally don't like it very much. the idea is good. it shows you the calls, messages... Make lockscreen more logical, informative. So that the maximum space is occupied by useful information: messages, weather, mail. Without having to wait until shows calls etc. So I understood that to see another notification you need to tap twice, it's not convenient.

  • @nexus5
    Hi, you just opened 4 threads in a row just with complains about the OS.

    We are a community and everyone can contribute. But simply asking for stability, customization or anything that is convenient to you does not help.
    I don't say your ideas are bad, just that if you take the time to read a bit more and learn about what is currently done you'll know that anything you ask here is far from being a priority.

    Ubuntu Touch is very stable and it is one of the top priorities despite what you wrote here: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/4905/stability
    That's why OTA13 has been postponed.

    As I said, we're a community and here to help each other.
    Opening a bunch of thread just to complain about UT not being Android is considered like SPAM.

    So please ask yourself how you can help. Or if you have a specific issue you can ask for help or open an issue in gitlab if you found a bug.
    But you'll have to be specific.


  • @AppLee
    I saw that coming 😂

  • You have notifications in the indicators bar (the envelope at the top left of your phone).

    The infographics you see on the lock screen are just statistics and a branding elements of the OS

  • @nexus5 Dude, have you ever wrote to Google or Apple to complain about their OS, if yes, what answer have you received? You take things for granted and that's ok since UT is free, but I've never seen a post where you ask how you can help improve things. Do you realy think that someone here doesn't have other thing to do just to fulfill your wishes? Who are you and why should this community do whatever you wish? You are in the wrong place, mate!

  • As @AppLee said above, just posting lots of grips is not going to do anyone any favours or solve any issues. Ask how something might be solved, asking for help to solve or just using the various issue tracking and reporting methods are all great ways to help.
    Also as mentioned in another thread by I think @GizmoChicken if people are going to down vote posts lets always try and add something constructive the poster can do or try to resolve the issue. Unless it needs reporting and crushing 🙂

  • I will note that for those that like a slightly cleaner look for their lock screen, that you can disable the circle thingy that displays usage stats by going into Settings and then Security & Privacy and unchecking Stats on welcome screen.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

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