Pure Maps map rotating.

  • Hi guys. I have a question related to Pure Maps that might sound stupid: how do you enable the map rotation when the auto-center and north indicator are disabled? I want to turn the map as I want, but it seems that I'm not doing it right!

  • @C0n57an71n
    I tried to find it too and couldn't, I think it's not implemented yet or I'm missing something too 😊

  • I don't believe it can be done. I have used Puremaps a lot recently and did not see a way to rotate the map, not that I actually wanted to.

  • It's an education effort to make you learn reading a map better /s

    I find it super annoying when people rotate maps out of the north direction, especially when it is only done because they have trouble distinguishing left and right otherwise.

    I guess I am abelist with that comment, but I find it just mentally lazy and certainly doesn't help with your orientation skills.

  • @poVoq Try orienting yourself in Venice, at 12 o'clock in the night, drunk, with the gps innacurate due to the buildings... Why do you use a navigation app in the first place? You seem very skilled to navigate only with a compass in your pocket. And, if you're right, why do you have autocenter and autorotate option in the first place?

  • Mixing up left and right a few times under such conditions is the best teacher 😎

  • @poVoq From my point of view, you can use stars to navigate, whatever you like, but this thread is about something else. If you know a sollution, say it, if not..., these are talks for pubs...

  • @C0n57an71n

    It's not possible in this version.
    Now I think we can debate if the feature is worth implementing.

    IMHO it's better the way it is, it prevents mistakes when the map is not oriented the way you think due to a mistap or fingers slightly touching the screen while holding the phone.

    You can use auto-rotation to have the map oriented depending on your orientation (not useful for me, but I understand why some might want it).
    If you don't use it then north is up and that's what I expect from a map: that's a standard.

    You mentioned innacurate GPS, in this case the best is to rely on the map and your general location.
    Any other information is noise (like a route or orientation or other possible errors made due to bad positioning).
    Free rotation in this case can be achieved by rotating the phone.

    So I don't see what this feature can add that is worth the trouble ?
    It's a genuine question, my reasoning is limited due to me not needing it...

  • @AppLee Hi! I've just ask if it exists this option, it's not a feature request from me. Autorotation is good when driving, especially on highways with knots, other than that I don't need it since I'm looking on the map before a trip and later just checking it when I'm not 100% sure where to go. My question came due to the bad experienced that I had with the app in Venice, amplifyed by the unaccuracy of the gps (and Google maps has the same issue, is not just PureMaps). I don't know how many people know what I'm talking about since Venice in the night is tricki to navigate: you don't have a visual refference, the only thing that helps is the house numbers and this was the way I have found my way. It was frustrating since I found myself walking like a headless chicken and my gps possition was jumping randomly (trust me, I'm a good at space orientation, they don't let you in navy if you lack this skill).
    So no, my question comes doesn't come from the lack of skill, but from a special case.
    Bottom line: when in Venice, a hard-print map is gold and if using Pure or Google maps, just orient yourself after the house numbers.
    Thanks for all of you that answered to my question.

  • @C0n57an71n
    haha ☺

    I've been in Venice this summer and yes by night it's not that easy.
    I used PureMaps just to see my approximate location and the direction I had to head up.

    Then I checked my position mostly on bridges with less signal bouncing off the buildings.

    To be more on topic, I'd say that's also why we have the forum.
    We can ask question like this one, debate wether you needed help then wether or not to open a feature request.

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