Missing translation in German

  • Hi all,

    I was clicking around in the various apps and found this entries written in English even my localization is German.

    Tried to find them in translation tool on my own to make proposals but I failed to find the correct places or it seems that they are already translated but somehow not updated in the app. (While writing this on my phone UT 2020-09-19, channel devel. .)

    indicator-keyboard: Icon display „DE“ text below is "German", I would assume "Deutsch".

    indicator-network: Current description "Cellular Data", expected description: "Datenverbindung".
    As per my understanding this has already been maintained, but somehow not updated.

    Open System Settings → Security&… → Fingerprint ID content here is not translated to DE yet. Tell me where to make a proposal and I would be glad to support you.

    Calendar-app: Task create a new entry, in the middle of the screen text „More Details“ is displayed, expected „Details“ or „Weitere Details“.

    Notes-app: Open menu, current description "Settings", expected description: "Einstellungen".

    App Media Player: Current description "Please choose a file to open", expected description: "Wähle bitte eine zu öffnende Datei".

    Hope this help more experienced maids to improve the translations. If someone is verifying my statements I would suggest to set the language settings to German beforehand 😉 .

    Have a nice day.


  • have you verified if the translations are correctly set here ?: https://translate.ubports.com/projects/ubports/

  • @lduboeuf Salut! Bien sur!

    Tried already to find the mentioned entries in https://translate.ubports.com/projects/ubports/ but failed for most of them.

    Except of indicator-network: Current description "Cellular Data".
    As per my understanding this has already been translated to German, but somehow updated not shown.

    So we have a mixture here of my incompetence, missing translations & the transfer of translated entries from one tool to the other e.g. by Florian. But I´d like to ask for clarification by the translators before bothering Flo et. al..

    Cheers, T.

  • @Tellina Yes something seems broken between Weblate and updates in repository. Sadly the maintainer sometimes need to do something to get them updated properly in the repository.

  • @lduboeuf Yep, we had this some days ago with birthday in the contact app.
    As per my observation this is only relevant for "indicator-network" of the mentioned cases. So it might be worth to look into the other examples by someone with more experiences compared to me.

  • Cellular data was working for years until it collapsed. It most be something in the source code, Weblate has done all it can and the string is correctly translated in the repository. So idk what happened there.

    The keyboard-indicator text should come from Ubuntu upstream/Canonical, we do not have this in our Weblate. For the rest I will take a look...

  • @Tellina said in Missing translation in German:

    indicator-network: Current description "Cellular Data", expected description: "Datenverbindung".
    As per my understanding this has already been maintained, but somehow not updated.

    Same here for french, "cellular data" instead of "données cellulaires" or "données mobiles", translation was correct in OTA12.

    In system indicator menu, "report a bug" instead of "informer d'un bug" or "alerter d'un bug".

    In "text and language", system settings, "key magnifier" instead of "surbrillance des touches" or similar.
    In "Libertine", system settings, nothing translated.

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