No wifi after hotspot

  • Hello everyone... I'm new here.
    Using Ubuntu Touch (edge version) currently on my Nexus 5.
    My problem is that the wifi seems to stop working whenever I used hotspot. The wifi seems to be ON, but no ssid detected. The problem fixed after reboot, but will occur again everytime I use hotspot.
    Is this a known bug? is there any permanent fixed for this?

    other unrelated question: what is the difference between edge and devel version?

    many thanks in advance and to ubports for making this os available for nexus 5 😁

  • @dokie80 said in No wifi after hotspot:

    what is the difference between edge and devel version?

    I you're an end user, intending to use phone daily, you shouldn't use dev nor edge.

  • @dokie80
    @Keneda is right 🙂

    And if you are involved in testing or development, then I'll suggest to use the git repository to report issues.
    The forum cannot be a bug tracker and things change rapidly on edge or dev while the forum tends to be more slow.

    Hotspot can be tricky sometimes in stable too, so it's probably related to an old issue or being under development on edge.

  • thanks @Keneda , @AppLee
    no, this is not my daily phone. I used to use stable channel, but because of this issue, I flash the edge channel, hoping that it's fixed there..

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