Lost Rotation Capability with Latest Update

  • Hi everyone,
    I got the exciting update today for my Oneplus 3t device and my phone lost its ability to go in landscape mode. I have checked that the rotation lock is indeed off and rebooted multiple times. Additionally, I installed an app (MessWerk) to see if I can observe what my gyroscope is publishing and it doesn't have any data. Are there any ideas on how I can try to troubleshoot this issue?

  • Which channel are you on? I think there are sensor-related stuffs that might be coming with OTA-14 so maybe those landed in devel already.

  • I was on the edge channel, switched to stable and now my sensors work again. It was strange because I noticed it was on edge before the update but I wasn't able to change it because the channels wouldn't load in the gui. Thank you for your help!

  • Edge is not to be used by end users!
    Stick to RC or, if you want to take risk, a little, dev.

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