Is UB for tablet ?

  • Hi all,
    to make short, I try to find a tablet (because my mac is not good as I tough...), but I don't want android... so "linux welcome back".

    And after some research, I found Ubport but, seeing the supported list, it's mainly phone. (btw, could be cool to add a column with type : tablet, phone, etc...) and in the forum, Samsung tab S... are not well supported.

    So my question, is it possible to have ub on a tablet ?

    And actually, it's bizarre, When I check on internet, I really tough that linux could be easier to install because of ... android wich is linux...

    Also I checked BQ Aquaris but give me an nginx error... cool.

    So, is it UB mainly for phone ? if not, where can I find a list of tablet supported?


  • Current tablets supported by UT are the BQ Aquaris M10 HD & FHD, Nexus 7 2013 wi-fi and lte versions (except bluetooth and camera are not working on these), Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet (some features still being worked on), and Pine64 PineTab (also still under development).

    Ubuntu Touch can work nicely for tablets, it is just each device needs to be ported to work, and this is not really an easy task.

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  • Yes. The whole idea is that Ubuntu Touch works on any device (phone, tablet and in the future computers).
    UBports is also working on the port to PineTab. Which you might be interested in.

  • @elekis said in Is UB for tablet ?:

    . (btw, could be cool to add a column with type : tablet, phone, etc...)

    Well.., they are: the icons in portrait are phones, the ones in landscape are tablets. (my guess)

  • See thus current discussion regarding what Touch is and is not capable of.

  • @C0n57an71n

    thanks, learnt something.

  • See also - @elekis could you mark your thread as solved if the answer suits you? Thx!

  • unfortunately bq aquaris is not available any more, pineTab is already out of stock nexus 7 is older than 8 years...

    any advice for another available tablet to be used with ubuntu?

  • @investor
    Sorry, but you'll have to look at after market or wait for another batch of the Pinetab...
    Most UT compatible devices are not sold brand new anymore.

  • Worth mentioning that the PineTab is still very much work in progress - the next batch is likely to have a few hardware upgrades compared to the last one.

    As far as I've understood Ubuntu Touch needs work to work smoothly on the PineTab as well, so right now it is probably a better system for tinkering than for using.

    If you need something as an end user right now, I would buy something used or just stick to using a laptop. If you have some patience, I would follow the development of the PineTab - my guess is that it will be a great device within a year or so.

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