[REQUEST] OpenStreetMap edit tool

  • Introduction

    Hi, I use my UT device as my daily driver.
    One day I thought: Maybe I'll start updating OpenStreetMaps as my area is quiet outdated and I'd like to do some for others 🙂


    Is there any tested OSM editor (could be web-based) that works well on Ubuntu touch?

    App Idea

    Ubuntu Touch OpenStreetMap Editor:

    • Multi-touch touch-screen compatibility
    • Edit maps (quickly correct mistake e.g. store name)
    • Upload he pictures
    • Take picture with geotag and upload it later (when you don't have internet connection)
    • Track me to update road data (useful for e.g. bicycle roads)

    This is just quick syllabus, I'll surely correct and precise it lately after registartion and sample work with vespucci. If you know what should be included in app, because you are participant of OSM community feel free to correct me and comment 🙂

    Other Information

    List of available OSM editors, some of them are open-source

    First post changelog

    • 08.10.2020 - topic creation

  • @BigB
    Editing on mobile seems a bit hard, editing points on mobile will not be easy.
    What I use to do is track my path and edit only on PC.

    But that would be great to have a specific app.
    Not as easy to work on the UX/UI and integrating it with OSM, but yeah actually it's a nice challenge.

  • I help OSM to correct and add streets, any change or modification you need a big screen, streets, crossroads ,direction of the road, etc....a mobile is not the right device.

    Your idea is good, but it would be more difficult to modify on a small screen.


  • While not as powerful as the web interface, I have used android apps in the past, and I think it's useful. They tend to be less powerful than the website, but it's nice to be able to contribute when I'm out and about, for example if I'm waiting to meet someone in a restaurant that is not listed.

    That being said, developing such an app for Ubuntu Touch might be harder work than what it is worth at the moment - it would have to be used a lot before it's more efficient than just contributing to OSM directly. 😛

  • Yeah contributing via phone would be nice. Though it would be "simpler" if OpenStreetMap.org would just have mobile-friendly web editor...

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