How to join a group Telegram / Teleports

  • Perhaps this is a stupid question (I'm sorry), but can anybody tell me step-by-step how to join a Telegram group in Teleports?
    There doesn't seem to exist a dummy guide.

    I have registered on Teleports and when I open the app I see a white screen, and there is a basic menu. It is possible to add Contacts there, but it looks like you need their number, and so it's more for persons instead of groups.

    Joining a Telegram group via a link does not work, which is a known bug, apparently.

    On UBports Forum, there is often referred to 'or join the Telegram/Teleports group' to contact developers, but I haven't found how to do this?

    Sometimes I see things, but I am unsure if it's a bug, and I don't want to spam the Githubs with unnecessary issues. In such cases, direct contact with a developer would be nice.

  • @Alter If you have telegram on the desktop that the link should work fine, I dont think you can join groups using the teleport's app itself, however if you dont have the app, you could give someone your user-handle, it should be possible to invite you or pull you into the group, which should than allow you to be part of the conversation!

  • @PhoenixLandPirat
    If I understand correctly options are:

    • Use official Telegram app on a supported OS on desktop
    • Give my Telegram/Teleports user/account name, and ask for a group invite
      Thanks for the explanation, and it sure clarifies why I didn't find an option in Teleports 🙂

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