NextCloud Calendar Sync not working

  • Hello everyone,

    I created a user on my nextcloud. On my Ubuntu Phone I added an "internet calendar" in the Calendar app and logged in with its credentials. That works.

    But whenever I want to sync the calendar I get a message "Could not sync calendar 3personal from account..."

    What am I doing wrong? I also wonder, what "3personal" means. There is no calendar named "3personal", so where could that come from?

    Any help appreciated!

  • I tried it with CalDav now and at least the calendar app now confirms successful syncing.
    But I don't see any of my entries on my UT phone...

    Although I added the CalDav Account as calendar in the calendars list of the calendar app, there appears no entry which I could select.
    Is it possible, that syncing works correctly but since there is no calendar entry in the list that I could check it simply doesn't show those entries?

    Any ideas on what to do?

  • Solved it. I had to connect to my NextCloud calendar via the more specific URL (https://<myserver>/NextCloud/remote.php/dav)

    It seems to work now. Sorry for bothering you!

  • @jojumaxx
    No problem, glad you could find the answer.
    And this thread may help others. (BTW, can you make your thread a question and then mark it as solved ? You can do it using the "Topic Tool menu")

  • @AppLee Done 🙂

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