Bluetooth - Logitech Headset 800 (H800)

  • Hello all,

    listening to music is 100% fine with a VollaPhone via the headset and BT. 🙂

    Phone functions only partially available.

    Working phone function:

    • Terminate a call with the build in button on the headset.

    Not (yet) working phone function:

    • Pick up a call.
    • Listening via headset.
    • Speaking via headset microphone.

    Not clear:

    • Regulate volume during a call.

    I´d like to ask:
    Does someone also using a Logitech Headset with UT (without a VollaPhone). What are the experiences?
    Which headset provides all functions (music and phone) via BT and UT (name, model) ?

    Thanks & kind regards,

    Device: VollaPhone
    Channel: RC
    Build: 2020-W43

  • @Tellina According to latest Volla phone development statement, phone calls with Bluetooth headset is still "to be done".

    However I have no idea on how Volla will send the future porting upgrades to the Volla phone community (Via UBports OTAs or through another way?...)

  • @stanwood : Hello, thanks for your input. This is a good question, but I don´t know. There are other persons here able to answer.
    My question was not VollaPhone (on UT) related. It was generally on Bluetooth with UT.

  • Indeed, performing phone calls via bluetooth devices is still very random on UT. But situation is gradually improving....

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