Google Contacts aren't syncing

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am new to Ubuntu Touch. I got a cheap Nexus 5 from ebay, and have been trying to get it configured. I can't get my Google contacts to sync. The Google account is set up in settings, including giving access to contacts. My calendar syncs just fine. When I start Contacts, all I see are the import options (i.e. no contacts). If I hit "Import Contacts from Google", it asks me for my account info. When I put that in, I get an error that an account with that email address already exists.

    Any suggestions?

  • @haltriumph Have a look here it should help you also need to have enabled less secure apps in your Google account settings.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. But, I had already done that. I checked and the Google settings are correct.

    I have more information. The settings of Contacts allowed me to set the Google Calendar as the default address book, but I still don't see the contacts. When I look at the contact main screen I still just see the import options.

  • I have encountered the same problem on Ubuntu desktop a few days ago. I solved it by deleting my Google account, restart device and log back again.

  • Hum... This is getting stranger and stranger. As @stanwood suggested, I remove my google account, rebooted the machine, and attached the account again. The machine synced the contacts and the calendar. I could see it adding contacted as it went. However, as soon as it finished the sync, the contacts disappeared and I was back to the screen asking to import contacts. WHAT?!?!

  • @haltriumph That's weird indeed. Try do the same process one more time. Also, check on your Google account that your contacts are still in the primary folder. Indeed, you'll find "Contacts", "Frequent contacts" and, right down the list: "Other contacts"... Sometimes, Google do upgrade it's interface and contacts may be moved into another folder ("Other contacts" in my case).

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