What were scopes?

  • Much of the documentation of UB Touch mention scopes. I know they were a feature or function that was eliminated before I adopted UBT and therefore are no longer relevant, nevertheless I would like to know what they were in order to make sense of the documentation.

  • @cliffcoggin
    Now, we have a background picture, a launcher bar on the left side and an app drawer pulling out of the launcher.

    Scopes were in place of the current background.
    You could have several pages that you can scroll between something similar to recent iOS.
    One scope was used as a launcher and listed all the installed apps.
    Other scopes could be added or removed by the user.

    Now a scope was basically a search feature. Developers could develop a scope to display a specific kind of content or aggregated content.
    For example : pictures, video and music where basic scopes.
    Picture scope will look for picture from different sources : local galery, facebook, 500px, Flickr, ...
    A "media" aggregated scope would gather results from picture, video and music scopes.
    The developer could choose how many samples from each source they want to display and how to display those.

    In addition the user had the ability to enter keywords to search for specific content within a scope.
    For example you want to get your picture of your last vacation in Venice, you could enter "venice" in the media scope and even if you don't remember if you uploaded the content to a cloud service, or social media or left it on the phone, you'd have the media you're looking for.

    Scopes were a great idea but it was hard to maintain.
    Some people here want to bring them back into a new form and I'm one of them.
    I think if we can find a way to implement it properly this feature would be a real addition to UT.

    I hope you now have a better undestanding of it.
    And BTW maybe the documentation you're looking at is from Canonical, so it's probably not the correct one. But it might depend on what you're looking for.

    NB: I moved the thread to OS.
    Support is intended to help people fix/investigate an issue.

  • @AppLee
    Thanks for the explanation, and yes some of the documentation I looked at was doubtless from the Canonical era. That's inevitable when searching for "Ubuntu Touch".

    Scopes sound rather like a feature I would like to see, namely a way to arrange apps into folders or categories on the desktop: communications into one, maps & navigation into another, utilities into a third and so on. I hope that will happen in the future.

  • Scopes where good for some.

    But ubports has its own dev priorities and scopes where lot of work to maintain.

    One app tend to have something similar, it's launcher modular on the open store.
    It looks great.

    This app needs some help i guess (some bugs and only one or two devs on it).

  • @cliffcoggin said in What were scopes?:

    namely a way to arrange apps into folders or categories on the desktop: communications into one, maps & navigation into another, utilities into a third and so on.

    This is not what they did. To arrange apps the app drawer will be the place for such evolution.
    Scopes brought content arrangement, actual images or audio files, they acted more like a search engine for various kind of content.

    A scope for Yelp could return restaurants nearby. a scope for foursquare was able to search for restaurants, monuments or hotels...

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