How to correctly remove old scopes and apps

  • Hi,

    I would need some hints how to best remove old scopes and apps from my UT E4.5 device.

    When I go to Settings/About/Storage, I can still see some legacy apps like Telegram or old Dekko taking 10+MB of space.


    I can also see the packages in the /opt and .local folders.
    However, the Apps are no longer displayed in the Open store app.

    Is there any correct way to remove those packages or should I just delete the folders on the file system?


  • I am not sure if they are still listed there but you can try to uninstall them via UT Tweak Tool.

  • If you still have the packages in /opt/ installed, do they not show up in the app drawer?

  • Hi @kugiigi , Hi @dobey ,

    thanks for your both replies!

    I can confirm those scopes or apps do not show up in UT Tweak Tool, Openstore App or App Menu, but in Storage and in /opt/

  • @mike68 OK. If they aren't showing up in the app drawer that is indeed weird.

    However, you should be able to just remove the directories for those apps from under /opt/ and then reboot, to get rid of them. Any user cache/config/data they may have created may still exist under the user home directory after that, though.

  • @dobey Ok, thanks. I'll give it a try.

  • [Solved]
    Quick update: "rm -r /opt/[package]" did the job as FileManager did not offer a delete option. All old scopes and apps removed now. They also do not show up in the "Storage" any more.

    Thanks again!

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