No GPS fix

  • I have been unable to get a GPS fix with Puremaps on my Nexus 5 today in a location (open countryside for an hour,) where there is normally no problem in doing so. The only change I can think of since the previous successful use of Puremaps at that location was the change from OTA-13 to OTA-14. Could there be any other factor at work?

  • @cliffcoggin
    I didn't have the opportunity to test the GPS before.

    I did a quick test and couldn't get a fix.
    But I will try again later to see if I have a better result.

  • @cliffcoggin
    So I charged my phone enough (50%).
    I turned it off.
    Then turned it back on after few minutes.
    I started a route with PureMaps and left the phone by the window for about 15 minutes and it got a fix.

    Side note: I noticed uNav didn't "filled" the GPS icon to show it tried to access the GPS.
    I'll try uNav and see if it works...

  • @AppLee
    I tried restarting the phone indoors and could not get a fix with Puremaps, but that isn't a reliable indication.

    Unav is a good idea. I'll test it now indoors, but a real comparison will not be until tomorrow when I can test it outside.

  • @cliffcoggin
    Indoor it probably won't work.
    I put the phone outside to get a fix.

    uNav worked, it was simply that permission to access the GPS was denied.
    A simple switch in the settings and all was well.

  • That's odd. Mine was also set to prevent location detection. I never altered that setting so I assume it must have happened during the upgrade to OTA-14. I shall report back after more testing.

  • My problem has been resolved in both Puremaps and Unav. It only needed location detection to be enabled again. That's something to watch for at the next OTA update.

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