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  • I was looking at the supported devices and I see that most of the original devices are not on the “Core List”. This includes the M10, E4.5, E5 and the Meizu Pro 4, the devices that originally came pre-installed with UT.

    I can understand that UBPorts may wish to move away from the original UT installed devices and more to more powerful devices, but not core supporting them, I feel is incorrect. People like myself brought these original devices as they wanted something new, wanted to support Ubuntu or for whatever reason. Then when Ubuntu Touch development was stopped a new lifeline was given in the form of UBPorts. Only to find that these devices would only have security updates.

    I personally like my M10, yes it is not the fasted and gosh it takes ages to charge, but it does what I want and I like to OS. To find that the original people buying these devices are no longer going to get new features, feels like a bit of a kick when we were already down.

    Please let’s get these in core support.

  • @UKPhil
    Yes you are right. I feel the same. I also bought the BQ E4.5, which for real, is a very low power Smartphone. And I also bought the BQ M10 FHD.
    I understand, why they not developing new features on the E4.5, because the power is missing and the specs are very low. For example, no Miracast, no HDMI-out, low RAM...
    But I don't understand, why they only only developing for the Nexus 5, while Canonical was using the M10 for developing.
    Ubuntu Touch Xenial 16.04 was already a working system on the M10 FHD, when Canonical developing this. Now UBports switched back to 15.04, while Canonical was already developing 16.04 since quite some time.

  • Good Morning,

    there was already a lot of discussion about this, but the most important question is, will we be able to use 16.04 on a particular device or not? That also means does it actually work for this device?

    Currently we have not tried to boot 16.04 on all possible devices, and as we see on the N5 where it can be booted, there is still a lot of work to do, since Apps dont start, you cant finish the first-time setup wizard etc.

    Now that we got ourselves a bit more organized I hope we can answer all this questions, but we did not want to promise anything thats not possible.

    That said, I think M10 has a good chance to stay with us for some time, like we announced for the Pro 5 on Saturday also. But the main issue for the BQ devices is that they did not release all stuff as open source, so for E5, E4.5 it does not look so well ATM. We can´t even modify the recovery to our needs.

    But feel free to start poking BQ, maybe we can get more information from them 😉


  • That seems like it could be good news about the M10's, but I can fully understand about the E4.5 and E5. I must admit that my 5 is a bag of pants. Please though lets get the M10 over to the Core list as soon as we can 🙂

    I currently have my E5 over to UBPorts, but not my M10, due to support. When it goes in the Core list I can move that over too.

  • @Flohack If I go and beg BQ by mail, for what exactly I / we should ask?

  • @guru said in Original devices:

    @Flohack If I go and beg BQ by mail, for what exactly I / we should ask?

    Bonjour à Tous
    Et si pour la M10, nous faisons une pétition pour leur montrer notre détermination à vouloire rester sous ubuntu de Ubports 😍

    Hello everyone
    And if for the M10, we make a petition to show them our determination to want to remain under ubuntu of Ubports 😍

  • I am also ready to spam BQ, just let us know what exactly needed so we can mail bq and ask them to surrender to ubports.

  • @guru No need anymore! I got high-level contact to BQ today 🙂 ... Actually the highest possible level 🙂 We will send them our ideas and questions. Lets hope smth happens then 🙂


    Bravo 👏flohack, beau travail 👍 belle équipe, je vous place devant IOS et android 😜

    Bravo 👏flohack, nice work 👍 nice team, I place you before IOS and android 😜

  • @Flohack Great news, so this may mean that we are moving a little closer to the many BQ devices out there being in the core device list. That would be great news for everyone who has them and has had them from the start.

  • @Flohack Well done

  • Good work Flohack,

    I know we're past the point now but I'd still like a new BQ phone with UT on it.

    Why Mark, WHY !! Grrrrrr (Shakes fist angrily). 😞

  • Thank you so much Flohack!
    I really want to keep my phone as long as possible.

  • Thanks for the work Flowhack. This may be abit off topic, but would it mean there is potential for Ubports on newer Bq models. As they are good phones at a reasonable price.

  • @Lakota Yeah thats what is on my mind also. We will eventually talk with independent phone makers to get information on how to make a port on their device X. Lets say, BQ and Honor are interesting candidates. To be fair: We will still fully support Fairphone ofc. But also I can understand if people want a cheap easy phone to try out Ubuntu Touch.

  • @Flohack
    Thanks Flohack. That sounds very promising. My android (which I have to have🙃) is the Aquarius M5. Good phone picked it up for just over £130 new as its 6.0.1. Would love to get ubports on it.☺

  • @Flohack these are all good news to hear, I hope BQ will want to cooperate in this after all. You are doing amazing job out there, thank you.

  • Wow, great news to read!
    I really hope there will be some new UBports devices with powerful hardware.
    I have a BQ E4.5 and M10 FHD, but the hardware is not really powerful.
    Just recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the hardware is so great and impressive, but the Android OS is so bad, when it comes to spy out everything. Sometimes I am afraid using it, because I don't like Google, the NSA and others, that I can't control, to be part of my life.
    A high-power hardware like this would be great with UBports, but I know, it's "Samsung closed source hardware" and this will never come true. It's a conspiracy between Google and Samsung. Money talks....

  • I turned on my E5 yesterday hoping to get the new release. Then I remembered that if anything it would be the M10 that went on the list first. Shame as I really wanted to check out the latest version and have a play around. Hopefully soon the M10 will be getting regular updates and I can install UBPORTS.

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