UBports Community Update 12

  • I'm trying something new this time around, using the edition number of the Community Update rather than the date. It feels like a saner convention than using the date... what do you think?

    Yes, that's right, it's time for another Community Update! These are livestreams where UBports developers come together to answer your questions and chatter about the recent project news. This week we'll be discussing Ubucon highlights, where the heck OTA-2 is, and so much more!

    Episode 13 of the UBports Community Update will be this Saturday, September 13, 2017, at 1800 UTC. You can find the countdown (and stream, when it's live) on the Youtube event page.

    Please feel free to ask questions in this thread and we'll try our best to answer them!

    Here are some things we won't answer, though:

    • The status of bugs
    • Any question (or permutation of a question) in our FAQ

    We'll see you when we're live!

  • looking forward for it 🙂 I would like to know who actually is working on halium implementation from our ubports side (besides Mariogrip) 🙂 where can I check for any update on it (github?)

  • If I got this right, it is planned (in long term) to remove scopes. (at least in their current form)

    In many cases scopes are nothing more than an always available app. The added value of such scopes is minimal.

    However aggregate scopes (like today or nearby) are special and they are a distinctive feature of ubuntu touch.

    warning: begin of wild thoughts
    Maybe it would even make sense to generalize the aggregate feature so that the user can aggregate information in his own logic. What I mean is wouldn't it be nice to be able to create additional aggregate pages with all information sources that fit in this category for you. Some people would stick with "today" and "nearby", others would group everything in a new "everything" aggregate or else split it up in many different aggregates.
    end of wild thoughts

    Anyway - what is planned about aggregate scopes?
    In my opinion it would be a capital mistake to loose them with no replacement at hand.

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    @ThePossessor I agrese completely with You, Thanks

  • I have no Saturday, 13 September in my agenda this year 🙂

  • I have some question as well 😛

    • Are you planning to relax the app confinement™ rules a bit, so that apps e.g. can save files in /home/phablet/Pictures?
    • Could we expect some minor change to the design of some UI components (e.g. buttons)?
    • Huh, yeah... I've heard there has been some discussion about a new home screen at the UbuCon@Paris. Is it true? 😆

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