OTA-2 complete?

  • @DanChapman
    Thanks Dan for your great and very hard work due to the plentiful bugs to solve, bugs are the illness of computer science !

    I installed to IMAP counts on my BQ and I hope to have a DEKKO fully operational LATER because i understand your hard work !!

    I can only say that i don't receive notifications up to now.

    From FRANCE country.

  • @domubpkm I now don't get notifications via the envelope at the top if the screen. But still get them on the dekko 2 icon on the side bar. This is on nexus 5.

  • I wish to commend the Ubports team, as well as the community, for the sterling work done in OTA 2.

    However, after upgrading I do have the updated boot spinner only the UT boot. Also, there is no flaslight toggle in the battery indicator. Meizu Pro 5.

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