UBPorts standing out a bit with branding (not Ubuntu Touch)

  • Recently I moved over to UBPorts on my bq M10 from Touch. It took me a fair bit to move over, but in the end I got there, which I am very pleased about.

    I had to reboot twice to check that it was UBPorts that I was on and not the old version of Touch. This is due to the fact that it looked the same. I am not sure if the update will stand out a bit more, but if not we really need to get UBPorts to stand out a bit more from Touch.

  • Could you please expand on "stand out a bit more"? as it's rather vague 🙂

  • Sure, something like a standard UBPorts wall paper as default, our own colours or even something in the Settlings to say Ports. Rather than still saying Ubuntu Edition.

    Also after the initial reboot where it says 'Powered by Ubuntu@ the M10 shows the UBPorts icon with the flashing dots for a few seconds. However, the E5 shows the Ubuntu Touch logo with the flashing dots. The E5 should show the UBPorts icon.

    I just think that We are UPorts and for that reason we should shout it from the roof tops and get the UBPorts logo everywhere 🙂

  • @DanChapman I guess most everyone would like something related to UBports on the loading screen rather than seeing ubuntu-touch and the little dots.
    Personally I liked the UBports robot, maybe the shape of the head and pulsating eyes could be used,
    I think people who are new to UBports,expect to see something a little more different\outstanding

    Ps Thanks for all you are doing

  • I see no problem with making the ubports name more visible, but i also see absolutely noting that the ubports project can gain by trying to create a distance from Canonical/Ubuntu Touch if that is the point.

    Of course we were all very disappointed when Canonical decided to discontinue Ubuntu Touch, but also at least their official standpoint was that they did not want to do it but it was necessary.

    I hope that the ubports project view of the situation is to be grateful for the contributions Canonical have done and would be welcoming contributions and cooperations in the future. 🙂

  • I'm sure @UKPhil just wanted to see a little message or a picture confirming the fact he had successfully installed the UBPorts version. Even, as was said, a distinctive desktop background indicating that "You are now running UBPorts".

    p.s @UKPhil I hope you enjoy your refreshed BQ device \o/

  • @68k_dude That's what i thought after the first post also, but then the thread seem to be more about being different. 🙂

    I think the way it i now goes well with ubports.com, but i think it would be nice to be a little bit more clear in the startup. Maybe adding "by UBports" after/under "Ubuntu Touch" or something like that. And if they would have kept the robot, it would have been more clear as well. 🙂

  • Oh yes I totally agree that we owe much for the original Touch and that it was a great platform to build on. I was very disappointed that they decided to stop the development of it. All I was thinking was the robot on boot or just something like that. When I first put Ports on I had to reboot my M10 as I could not see if it was different to the original clean build of Touch. In the wallpapers I have had to DuckDuckGo UBPorts and have that as my background. Now is that not a litter sad that the build does not come with its own wallpaper as default. Something small like that but a very visual way to tell you are on Ports. On boot up the idea of UBPorts powered by Ubuntu would be fantastic and then the robot with the scrolling dots on all devices. It is not turning our back on Ubuntu bit saying we are here and we are built on Ubuntu.

    Love the new M10 and the new os. Think that Dekko 2 is great and look forward to seeing more development's of it.

  • @UKPhil Yes, i too don't think UBports have to be this much invisible. 🙂

    For the Canonical part, i hope that they will realize that they gave up just a little bit too early, as this project takes off more and more, and offer to contribute. 🙂

  • There is already an other topic, where a discussion related to name and branding has been held.

    I'll repeat my opinion here though. Having an Ubuntu brand makes the OS much more recognizable and it's definitely an advantage. Now, when (as far as I know) Canonical has officially let Ubports use the Ubuntu Touch name, it would be pointless to start creating an entirely new brands.

    I'm for adding "developed by Ubports team" or an Ubports logo somewhere on the bottom of splash screen, but let's not part with Ubuntu, as this OS is still Ubuntu.

    It's pointless to hate Canonical or want to remove Ubuntu names from the OS. They ditched the project, but at the same time they have created it, defined how it looks and works.

    Furthermore, I believe that Ubports should cooperate with Canonical where possible. It's not about they have to develop this OS by themselves, it's about the community can develop it, including multiple entities giving what they can. Canonical can be very helpful and - in my opinion - as many projects they actively develop as possible should be used (unless there are better options developed by someone else). The more components Canonical develops, the less Ubports has to maintain. That's actually one of the reasons why I'm definitely for moving Ubuntu Touch onto the Ubuntu Core base, as Canonical had previously planned.

    Note also that Ubports' Ubuntu Touch is (and will be) still based on Ubuntu. The plan for future is to move onto... well... Ubuntu 16.04.

    So if it's Ubuntu after all, why don't we call it Ubuntu especially if we're officially allowed to?

    P.S. I'm not from the dev team, so this is just my personal opinion.

  • @UKPhil I did see you mentioned this in a couple of threads, if it is that important for you, please open a separate one.

    We got some issues with proper branding like exchanging the bootsplash (bootloader) is not easy on all devices, and it will again take at least 2 update done by the user to settle. Then, we cannot exchange the recovery of the BQ models, so they will never get the robot. Very sad.

    To show difference to Canonical version: I think this is not really that important, people will find out that they dont get updates on the old version and will update accordingly. This problem will vanish over time.


  • @Flohack They will never get the robot, that is a shame. Not everyone can have the same opinion 🙂

  • @Flohack
    How about the screen,where you enter the pin/code,on the white panel,where your code /stars show,and where you can name your device, is this easier to access to,have the robot faded into the (orange) background,or change the shape of the login window,so when you sign in,it is subtle,but obvious,you are signing into ota/1/2/3/4 or or or

  • @Marathon2422 totally agree. That was along my thoughts.

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