Restore UT OTA-15 data backup (Meizu MX4) to UBPorts OTA-2 (Nexus 5)

  • Re: What do I need to back up my Meizu MX4 before I start installing onto it?

    I have always used the buds script for backing up my Meizu MX4 ( I have now installed UBports OTA-2 on a Nexus 5. And I would ideally like to restore my Meizu data on the Nexus 5, using the buds backup.

    I suppose the main folders (Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Downloads) can be plainly copied as such. But I was also hoping to restore some of the hidden config folders. I would e.g. like to have my notes, phone history, messaging history, contacts, browser favorites, Tasks, UNav favorites and calendar entries back. Any suggestions, references in this regard? If not, I will just try and report my findings in this post for future reference.


  • I did a rsync of my /home/phablet of a Bq E5 to my PC and then again rsync from the PC to the /home/phablet of a Nexus 5, and after installing the same apps I had in the Bq E5, the configurations and most of the data of the apps were restored in the Nexus 5.

  • Thanks!

    As I had many apps installed that I now don't plan to install any longer (because not yet in OpenStore or not needed), I don't think a complete rsynch would serve my needs. I also don't see the need to restore the .cache folder. And for some files/folders I see a risk of creating incongruencies by synching them (e.g. .local/share/zeitgeist)

    So, I tried to drill down to the individual files and folders needed.

    I managed to restore those configurations that are linked to individual files:

    • phone and messaging history: .local/share/history-service/history.sqlite

    • browser bookmarks: .local/share/webbrowser-app/bookmarks.sqlite

    • Dekko address book: .local/share/dekko.dekkoproject/addressbook.sqlite

    • contacts: .local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/contacts.db

    I however so far failed to restore my notes (in .local/share/com.ubuntu.reminders/@local), tasks (in .local/share/evolution/tasks - EDIT 29092017: incorrect assumption, probably in .local/share/com.canonical.scopes.tasks/Databases) and calendars (multiple ones, in .local/share/evolution/calendar).

    @wgarcia, did your approach restore them correctly?


  • @dad_and_alive


    I managed to use terminal app on UT
    syncevolution --print-databases
    to get DB name which is affect by the "display language". For instance in english, it gives

    Evolution Address Book = Evolution Contacts = evolution-contacts:
    Personal (system-address-book) <default>

    Evolution Calendar = evolution-calendar:
    Birthdays & Anniversaries (birthdays)
    Personal (system-calendar) <default>

    Evolution Task List = Evolution Tasks = evolution-tasks:
    Personal (system-task-list) <default>

    Evolution Memos = evolution-memos:
    Personal (system-memo-list) <default>

    1- backup:
    syncevolution --export ./utcalendar.ics backend=evolution-calendar database=Personal
    syncevolution --export ./utcontacts.vcf backend=evolution-contacts database=Personal

    syncevolution --import ./utcalendar.ics backend=evolution-calendar database=Personal
    syncevolution --import ./utcontacts.vcf backend=evolution-contacts database=Personal

    I didn't try with task list and memos, but it might work the same...



  • @wilfridd


    I'm having bad luck though, as just yesterday my Meizu died (battery drained, requiring me to bring it to the repair shop to have it recharged externally, something I did several times in the past, but which -given my new phone- I'm hesitating to do again now).

    So, at least for now I cannot carry out the backup step. But ... the import might still work, given that I have the ics files and provided that I find another way to retrieve the DB names. I'll try and let you know.

  • Update: I managed to restore all my calendars.

    For each calendar .local/share/evolution/calendar/X/calendar.ics, the corresponding X.source file also had to be restored in .config/evolution/sources. Hence, no explicit syncevolution import operation was needed, only file copying (EDIT, to be complete: I first copied the source files, after which automatically empty calendars were created for each new source, and then I overwrote the empty calendar.ics files with the backed up versions).

    The main DB (with display name 'Personal' in my and the default case) could be restored just by restoring .local/share/evolution/calendar/system/calendar.ics.

  • Update: I also managed to restore my Tasks. I wrongly assumed they were inside .local/share/evolution/tasks. Instead, they were inside .local/share/com.canonical.scopes.tasks/Databases.

    I realized that the Tasks program was not inside the Openstore yet, so I installed it again from the Ubuntu Store. Afterwards I created the .local/share/com.canonical.scopes.tasks/Databases folder (wasn't created automatically after installation, maybe because I had not launched the app yet), and copied the backup files (.ini file + .sqlite file) in there.

  • @dad_and_alive

    Hi dad_and_alive,

    I also own a MX4, currently with OTA15. Did you try UBports OTA2 on yours?


  • @wilfridd No, I didn't.

    I intentionally bought a second hand Nexus 5 as arale was not listed as one of the Ubports core devices. And my idea was to keep the Meizu as a reference device for testing purposes (but, alas, now I cannot even start it up any longer).

  • @dad_and_alive

    Sad... My daily driver MX4 is still OTA15 and performing quite well. I recentlly added UT Openstore to keep some SW up to date as far as possible. I bought a second hand N5 too but for testing purposes.


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