Dekko 2 issues

  • on sending with SMTP to my own server it says in Dekko2 'Queued' but it does not arrive... where are the debug logs?

  • I deleted the account and recreated it from scratch. SMTP and IMAP work. It took me a moment to find the INBOX in the new Dekko. Thanks

  • Dan, I was SSH'ing into the device to see where Dekko2 has its config and log files, but it seems much more complex than the old Dekko. Can you please shed some light on this or point me (us) to some documents about Dekko2's file layout. Thanks in advance.

  • When one assembles an email for sending, after entering into the text field for the Subject: the border between the this text field and the one for the body disappears. Here is a screen of this: The mail itself arrives fine as:

    Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017 15:05:33 +0000
    From: Matthias Apitz
    Subject: test


    Sent using Dekko from my Ubuntu device

  • Sending email from Dekko2 creates every time a new "dekkod" zombie process:

    root@ubuntu-phablet:/home/phablet# ps ax | grep dekko
    2716 ? Ssl 0:06 /opt/
    2768 ? Ss 0:00 /opt/
    3819 ? Ss 0:00 /usr/lib/initramfs-tools/bin/busybox static-sh /opt/
    3824 ? Sl 0:16 dekko
    6511 ? Z 0:00 [dekkod] <defunct>

  • you can report bugs or any idea regarding to dekko project here

  • I am unable to send emails from my Dekko 2 on either my M10 or my E5. These issues have been logged. Also when I try to open a saved draft email from my outlook account Dekko crashes.

    The other thing that I have noticed recently is that if I do not close Dekko and my tablet turns itself to standby, I have to close Dekko and then open it again as it has frozen.

  • I have configured in Dekko2 three IMAP mailboxes, all of them are
    working fine. All of them has nothing special, always IMAP+SMTP.

    I have one problem getting to the mails to read them,
    maybe a problem of understanding the new Dekko. That's why I first wanted
    bring it up here before file an issue in

    When I start Dekko2, it opens an empty(!) page labeled "All inboxes".
    With the menu button I can bring up the structure of my configured
    boxes as follows:

    ( ) All inboxes EMPTY

    [_] Inbox (           EMPTY
    [_] Inbox (           EMPTY
    [_] Inbox (        EMPTY


    ( ) Folders

    () --> Drafts
                    INBOX -->     some 300 MAILS of this server
    () --> Drafts
                    INBOX -->     some 20 of this server
    () --> Drafts
                       INBOX -->  some 5 of this server

    Is it the idea, that the mails of the three INBOXex should be merged
    for viewing into "All inboxes"? If so, why they are not visible there? If not, for what is "All inboxes" good for?

    This is with UBports' 15.04-r2 on BQ E4.5. Dekko2 was installed after the r2 update.

  • @guru I have Dekko 2 set up with four accounts and all of them show in the All Inboxes section. I very rarely use the individual mail boxes.
    This is on nexus 5, m 10 and Bq 5. Mine as I've mentioned above mine are fairly standard, gmail and broadband provider ones. My settings are bog standard also mentioned above. I do remember on the Bq 5 having to open the individual boxes before they appeared in the unified box but that was only once. As D2 is still in development could it be your email providers settings in someway. Or as with desktop apps not working on the nexus 5 but OK on the Bq a bug in your device. Sorry don't know what device your using but different thing seem to be cropping up after the r2 ota accross the range.

  • i have three mail acounts, one from Orange (french telecom operator, configuration automatically done in dekko2), two from 1and1 domain (i had to configure them manually) and only the mails from Orange are seen in the All inboxes section.
    The difference betweem them is that for Orange, in the acount parameters, the folders are set with values (INBOX/INBOX, INBOX/SENT etc). There is no value for the 1and1 acounts, and i can't set them. I can put values, but dekko2 doesn't keep them. I guess it's the reason why i don't see these emails in the all inboxes section.

  • @aenima

    I have filed a bug issue here
    May be you want to add your observation.


  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to file a bug.

  • Latest Dekko2 update has fixed notification light issue on my nexus 5. It just keeps getting better.
    Other bug fixes aswell.

  • on my meizu pro5 too, the notification light is now working, but still all my email addresses are not in "all inboxes" and the notifications seem to work only for this folder.
    Good work anyway, thanks Dan.

  • I have four IMAP accounts on my Meizu Pro 5 and it works as it should, I am very pleased...

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm going to take the liberty of locking this thread. I'm sure that Dan would prefer that Dekko was discussed at its forums,

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