Trying Other Channels.

  • I now have another nexus 5 to play with. Its currently on stable. If I was to try one if the other channels
    1 Which is best for a non programmer type to try.
    2 Also what is involved in getting back to the stable channels.

  • @Lakota This was discussed in the last Ubports Q&A video. Or maybe the one before that.

    If you are on the stable channel running r2 then you can easily switch channels by heading to System Settings - Updates - Update settings - Channels. You can choose one of Development, Release candidate or Stable.
    They are listed in alphabetical order, but that also is the order of incresing stability. Development is for testing the bleeding edge and is updated frequently. There might be bugs that cause malfunctions. Release candidate (RC) is updated around once a week I think. It should be more stable, but might still contain some bugs. Stable is updated whenever tje OTA is released.
    My phone is on RC and my tablet is on Development. And I have not had any issues on either. I believe is a testament to the QA process that the team has set up.

    One thing to be aware of though is that because the softwre on the other channels is potentially newer than on stable, you might loose some settings when switching back to stable from development or RC. So you might want to backup your settings just in case.

  • @arubislander Thanks for the help. Will try RC channel later.

  • No problem. Always glad to help.

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